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Bowser Junior's Happy Meal 2 is the 48th video of SML Movies and the sequel to Bowser Junior's Happy Meal.


Junior wants a Happy Meal at 2 AM!


The episode starts at 2:00 AM with Bowser Junior sleeping in his bed. Then, his stomach starts grumbling and Junior decides he wants a Happy Meal, so he goes to wake up Chef Pee Pee.

In the living room, Junior tells Chef Pee Pee that he's hungry, so Chef Pee Pee tells Junior to go get a snack in the kitchen. Junior says he wants a Happy Meal. Chef Pee Pee says no since he remembered last time, he only wanted the toy out of it. Junior then starts crying and tells Chef Pee Pee that if he doesn't get him a Happy Meal, he would tell his Dad. Chef Pee Pee doesn't care.

Chef Pee Pee then gets beat up by Bowser and tells him if Junior wants a Happy Meal, he has to go get one for him. Bowser then says that he's watching Charleyyy and Friends and that Junior is not his responsibility. Chef Pee Pee is surprised that Charleyyy is on at 2 AM. Junior asks Chef Pee Pee if he's ready to get Junior a Happy Meal. Chef Pee Pee says no, but they go anyway and Junior is now happy.

In the car, Chef Pee Pee tells Junior to put on his seatbelt, however Junior does not want to and says it's stupid, which causes Chef Pee Pee to get a ticket from the police. Chef Pee Pee is now furious at Junior because it's his fault for not wearing a seatbelt. Junior still says no, but Chef Pee Pee forces him to wear it, anyway.

At McDonald's, Chef Pee Pee orders a chicken nugget Happy Meal for Junior with a Coke, a toy, and 2 milkshakes. Junior now sing-songs his new Happy Meal, and tells Chef Pee Pee that he thinks his 2 milkshakes would be friends together and is also frightened by the Happy Meal box.

Back at the house, Chef Pee Pee is really angry because Junior is already full after he only ate 2 fresh fries, a bite out of a chicken nugget, and a sip out of one of his milkshakes. Chef Pee Pee is also angry because Junior imagines that his milkshakes got into an argument and so he threw one of them away. Chef Pee Pee then decides to go back to bed. Junior now wants to play with his toy which is a Pokemon toy.

Junior plays with his Pokemon toy in his room. However, he doesn't know how to play with it, so he decides to go back to bed as well. As he goes to turn off the light, he hears a strange laugh. Who is it? IT'S THE HAPPY MEAL BOX!!!!!!!! Junior evacuates the bedroom and it's really Chef Pee Pee as the Happy Meal! Junior goes to hide in his Dad's room but the Happy Meal box is there, too! He then tries to wake up Chef Pee Pee who is also a Happy Meal, and then Junior thinks everyone in the house is a Happy Meal! Junior finally hides in his closet. He looks for his flashlight and turns it on. And guess who came to visit him! The Happy Meal! It turns out... the Happy Meal box... will get his revenge on Junior!



  • Bowser Junior shows that he is a picky eater and he also doesn't like to wear a seatbelt in the car.
  • This video is a satire of the new McDonald's mascot.
  • Starting this video from now on, Logan uses the metal stick for Chef Pee Pee instead of the wooden one the puppet comes with since in previous videos it was either broken or not even there


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