Bowser Junior's Homework is the 36th video of SML Movies and the pilot episode of Bowser Junior's Summer School.


Bowser Junior is failing all of his classes in school. Bowser forces Chef Pee Pee to tutor his son and help him pass.


When Bowser is busy watching an episode of Charleyyy and Friends where Charleyyy is trying to brush his teeth, when really he's just acting like a chicken while shirtless, Bowser gets a phone call from Principal Steinbeck saying Bowser Junior was failing all of his classes, which infuriates Bowser. Bowser grabs a belt and waits for Junior to come home. when he walks through the front door, Bowser strikes at him with the belt as he accidentally falls over. Bowser then beats Bowser Junior with the belt, asking why he is failing all of his classes, but continues to beat him when Junior tells him that school is hard.

Bowser drags Junior into the kitchen to beat him in front of Chef Pee Pee, who is trying to make a lunchable, placing him down on the counter, Bowser tells Chef Pee Pee what to do with Junior, to which, Chef Pee Pee responds by telling Bowser to beat Junior and let Chef Pee Pee have a go, Bowser uses a cartoon-styled move to hit Junior so hard that it launches Junior across the room, where he continues to beat him. When Junior begs for mercy, Bowser doesn't listen and continues to beat him, until Junior explains that he needs help, and Bowser stops and forces Chef Pee Pee to tutor him, and if Junior fails, Bowser would beat both of them with an extension cord, naked.

When Junior gets his homework, he has to learn Calculus, Chinese writing (Which Junior calls Russian), and 1st grade spelling, this confuses Chef Pee Pee and he asks what grade Junior is in, to which he replies by saying he's in kindergarten, confusing Chef Pee Pee even more, as Junior should only be learning the spelling. Chef Pee Pee doesn't know any Calculus or Chinese, but he can spell, he helps with spelling the first word, "dog" (which Junior insists is "cow").

When Junior asks what the second word (pig) is, Chef Pee Pee says it's Junior's mother (an obvious mock/insult to Juniors mother, calling her a fat pig, but Junior doesn't get it), annoyed, they just move on to the next word, Car (which Junior thought was a truck), even after Chef Pee Pee is spelled C-A-R, Junior is confused and says it begins with a Q. The 2 move on to the next word, "drum" (which Chef Pee Pee thinks might be a bowl, mistaking the drumsticks for spoons), when Chef Pee Pee looks up, Junior is missing, and is found riding his horse, when Chef Pee Pee finds him, he reminds Junior that he is meant to be doing his homework, but Junior continues to ride his horse and ignores him, until Chef Pee Pee forces him back into the kitchen, forcing him to do his homework, when Toad comes in to perform a rap about education, which is completely ridiculous, he leaves when he notices the calculus homework. When Junior says he needs a tutor that knows everything, Chris the Cucumber arrives and offers to help, despite being a moron, Chef Pee Pee tells Junior to get Chris to help Junior cheat on his test, which the 2 agree.

When Chef Pee Pee leaves, Chris tells Junior that the best way to study is to ride horsies, and the 2 ride Juniors Horsey together, and Chris says horsies were invented by Thomas Edison. The next day, Steinbeck calls Bowser to tell him that Junior was caught cheating with Chris, so he automatically failed. Bowser beats Junior with an extension cord, while he was naked (although, Junior only wears a bib, and he was wearing it during the beating), and Bowser then proclaims a naked Chef Pee Pee that it was his turn.




  • This is the first video in which Bowser beats his own son with a belt.
  • This is one of the rare times Junior's full name is used.
  • This video reveals that Bowser's last name is Bernard.
  • It's possible that Jackie Chu is Bowser Junior's teacher when Junior states that his teacher said: "If you don't know this by tomorrow then you're stupid and dumb".
  • Logan reveals an animated preview of his Draw My Life video.
  • This is a prequel to Bowser Junior's Summer School, as Junior fails his exam at school and is forced to take Summer School.

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