Bowser Junior's Lottery Ticket! is the 176th episode of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior buys a lottery ticket to try to win ONE BILLION dollars!


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Bowser Junior and his friends come in to watch monster trucks on TV, but a GEICO commercial comes on right before being interrupted by a news report where Goodman informs of the PowerBall lottery giving out one billion dollars as a prize. Junior and his friends are interested but they have to figure out how to win the lottery. They go to Chef Pee Pee for advice.

Meanwhile, Chef Pee Pee is in the kitchen having bought a few lottery tickets, when Junior and his friends come in and ask him how to win the lottery. The chef then explains the concept of the game, and Junior says that he would've chosen "1 2 3 4 5 6" as a combination for a ticket, much to Chef Pee Pee's disappointment. Junior is disappointed about Chef Pee Pee's combinations, and asks him if he could get a ticket for him, but the latter tells him he has to be 18 to play. Junior then explains what he would do if he won the lottery (buying his school and turning it into a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant, and then "crashing about 17 jets into the school"), much to Chef Pee Pee's annoyance, and he then asks the latter what would happen if the chef won the lottery, leading to a flashback from "Chef Pee Pee's Lottery Ticket".

When the trio comes back to the couch, Junior asks Cody what would he do with a billion dollars. Cody then imagines himself with several male dolls surrounding him, until Junior snaps him out of it. Cody then lies and tells Junior that he would buy a gumball machine. Junior then asks Joseph what he would buy with a billion dollars, and the latter replies by saying he could buy a skateboard, a basketball, and the Miami Heat team, as well as bringing his parents back together. Cody then says they forgot to ask Ken what he would do with a million dollars, much to Junior's, and Joseph's, frustration. Ken then imagines himself shooting Cody with a gun.

Junior later puts on a fake mustache and makes a fake ID, trying to look like he is 18 years old in an attempt to win. Junior goes to a gas station, where he buys a lottery ticket and shows the cashier his fake ID "proving" he is over 18 years old. Junior later picks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 as a combination for the ticket.

Junior later comes back home to watch the winning numbers, along with Chef Pee Pee, who is watching the winning numbers as well. Goodman reveals the winning numbers, realizing he lost in the process. The winning numbers are revealed to be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Chef Pee Pee just says "wow" and throws his lottery tickets on the couch. When he leaves, Junior, Cody and Joesph start reciting the winning numbers and Junior's ticket numbers nervously until they realize they won.

Goodman, later however, says the United States is tracking down fake IDs and will bust anyone attempting to use them. Junior and his friends get stressed and know they can't use Junior's fake ID anymore. They suddenly have an idea: give the ticket to a stranger, tell him to hand it in, and give them back the one billion dollars in return. They go outside and notice a stranger near the apartment, and they hand him the ticket. When they come back home, they notice on TV that the stranger turns out to be the lottery winner, and he lies saying he bought the ticket, guessed the numbers and won on his own, when Junior did all of it by himself. Junior and his friends just watch silently without moving a muscle or saying a word, while the stranger claims that with his money he could turn a school into a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant and get a gumball machine, which is exactly what Junior and Cody (respectively) said would have with a billion dollars. When the news ends, the trio still doesn't move. A few moments later, Junior breaks the silence by yelling out "WHAT THE-", but the video ends right there.



  • When Junior says "WHAT THE FUCK!!!", the F Word was cut and went straight to the SML Question