Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack! is the 111th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior wakes up at midnight feeling super hungry!


Junior wakes up at the middle of the night hungry.So he wakes Chef Pee Pee]] Chef pee pee tells

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The episode begins with Junior watching Doofy The Dragon before going to sleep. A few hours later, he was woken by his stomach in the middle of the night and went to bother Chef Pee Pee for gummy worms at a Gas Station. Chef Pee Pee refuses to take him anywhere and goes back to sleep. Junior goes into the kitchen to see what there is to eat, and there is plenty of snacks mounted on the counter, but Junior is so picky that he mixes them all as disgusting until he finds Macaroni and Cheese. Only one problem: he can't find a pot to cook it in. Junior makes a loud mess trying to find the pot and it wakes Chef Pee Pee up, causing him to angrily question his existence and finally agree to take Junior to a gas station.

Junior then stick the pumping hose into the car's fuel cap, Chef Pee Pee tells Junior to Just Pump The Gas (Wait for the Gas to finish Pumping), But Junior mishears him and farts on the car, causing it to explode.



  • It is revealed that Doofy is gay.
  • Tito's real name is leaked in this video. When paused at 8:15, his name tag reads "Minelli".
  • In the part were Junior looks at the Mentos and said that it got him in trouble last time is a reference to Bowser Junior's Big Mess.
  • It is unknown how the duo got their car back in later videos.
  • When Bowser Junior farts on the car, it bursts into flames. Although, since this scene takes place at a gas station, the other gas pumps don't even blow up this could be an oversight.
  • There are many pieces of evidence to support why Junior is spoiled and a picky eater and greedy at the same time:
    • Junior said that there isn't anything to eat in the kitchen even though there are mountains of sodas, chips, and a bag of Reese's Pieces on the kitchen counter.
    • Junior said that Skittles are disgusting for unknown reasons.
    • Junior picked the largest cup in the icing machine (44 Fl Oz) even though he knows that he can't drink all of it. (also shown in Bowser Junior's Happy Meal 2)
  • In the car even though Bowser Junior said that he only wanted one item he requested multiple more on the car which proves that when getting stuff he always wanted to get as much stuff as he could making this point pointing out that he is both greedy and spoiled.
  • Junior saying that Chef Pee Pee has Mountain Dew smelling breath may be a reference to the viral YouTube video "Where's My Goddamned Mountain Dew?"
  • When Junior was describing the 44 Fl Oz cup, he said it “is as big as a Chug Jug”. This is a reference to the Fortnite Shield potion

Song lyrics

Twinkle twinkle little star

I have drugs inside my car

If the cops show up, I'm fucked

I might as well give myself up

Oh shit! That's the cops. I better run

I'm gonna kill myself with this gun