Bowser Junior's Nintendo 3DS is the 214th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior wants a NEW Nintendo 3DS! All his friends have one!


Bowser Junior is watching TV when all of a sudden, a commercial for the New Nintendo 3DS XL comes on. After which, his friends bang on his door and show him their New Nintendo 3DS systems. Junior becomes jealous and asks his dad if he can buy one, his dad then presents him with multiple old school handheld consoles. (GameBoys) Junior gets made fun of relentlessly by his friends and he trades in his old devices for the Nintendo 2DS. After which he gets made fun of again. He smashes the 2DS and blames it on the Brooklyn Guy saying he bought it like that. Afterwards, Junior threatens to leave a bad Yelp review to GameStop. The Brooklyn Guy then gives him the 3DS out of fear. When Junior heads home, he finds that the new hip console is the Game Boy. He then proceeds to argue with his friends about how he just showed them it, but his friends don't seem to remember.



This video received mixed to negative reviews with most fans criticizing the episode for being too mean spirited as well saying the whole video was product advertisement. however some fans liked the video.

However, GamecubeDude300 found this video to be very funny.


  • This episode features the most gaming systems in one video, being: Nintendo 3DS, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, & Nintendo 2DS.
  • A YouTuber Known as EpicMarioBros has made a video called Bowser Junior's 3ds, 3 years before logan
  • Bowser Junior originally had an old 3DS XL in Pokemon Part 1 and The Grilled Cheese, but it got burned down in Bowser's House Fire!.
  • This is the second SML Movie to features a console of the Nintendo DS family, The first one is The Nintendo DSi.


  • The New Nintendo 3DS did not come out in 2016, it came out in 2015 (2014 in Japan and Australia).

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