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Bowser Junior's Package! is the 241st video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior orders a package. AND SOMEONE STEALS IT!


The episode starts off with junior looking at the sun in his laptop. He gets a Facebook message from Cody in the bathtub with Ken. he later finds out there is Gak on the left side and then he orders it with his Dad's credit card. He then goes to sleep. Brooklyn T. Guy comes over with the package but realizes there are stairs. 3 flights of them. Brooklyn T. Guy thinks about throwing the package and it did make it. Brooklyn T. Guy then goes away. but then the robber steals it with showing a face reveal. Junior then wakes up. He opens the door and finds out his Package is missing. He asks Chef Pee Pee and he said that he did not hear anything. Junior then goes to his room and finds out his Package was delivered. He realizes someone stole it. he asks Chef Pee Pee again. Chef Pee Pee told him again that he did not hear a Package. Junior thinks about Chef Pee Pee stealing the Package and eating the Gak. Chef Pee Pee says that is ridiculous, Junior threatens to kill Chef Pee Pee with the drill. Chef Pee Pee tells Junior about his friends and Junior calls them over. Cody and Joseph come over and Junior asks them what they where all doing. They talk about breakfast. Bowser Junior asks them if they stole his package. Joseph then mentions Gak causing Junior to beat him up. Cody tells Junior he posted his Gak to Facebook. and a Facebook post appears. Junior then says that Them and the Gak where both at the front door, Junior Thinks about Cody and Joseph stealing the Package and playing with it. Cody and Joseph reply no. shortly after Bowser Junior thought Ken stole it. He thinks about Ken having sex with the package. Cody says that is hot but that is not what really happened. Bowser Junior starts beating up Ken they both leave not being friends for the rest of the day. Junior then thought his Dad did it because he used his credit card. Junior makes a lie by saying he broke a lamp and then knocks Bowser out and kidnaps him. He later asks his Dad questions about his Package. Bowser says that he is too lazy to answer the door. Junior Thinks about Bowser stealing the package and destroying it with a hammer. Junior tells Bowser that he used his credit card. Bowser punishes Junior for this. Bowser Junior then beheads him leaving the bloody knife in the sink and him not happy. he gets a knock on the door. It was BROOKLYN T. GUY! along with the package! Junior says that he delivered it this morning but it was stolen. Brooklyn T. Guy tells him the whole story. Brooklyn T. Guy tells the samething he did this morning but with more things added. Brooklyn T. Guy said that he was very excited when he realises that someone has to sign for it. nobody answered and Brooklyn T. Guy said he will try again later. Junior signs the paper in the bad way. he was going to play with his Gak until he realises that someone jacked it. a scene moved on to Brooklyn T. Guy jacking it and going away. Bowser Junior gets extremely pissed off and the video ends.




  • When the Brooklyn T Guy throws the package up the stair fleets, the box is tumbling through the air, but when it hits the side of a stair rail, it quits spinning: this makes it obvious that the footage was reversed.
  • It is revealed that the Brooklyn Guy had to go upstairs and knocked to get Junior to sign for the package. However, there was no sound of knocking.
  • When Junior adds the gak to his cart, he doesn't actually place the order.
  • This video has no 60 FPS segments in blue light. The 2nd being Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday!.