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Bowser Juniors Pillow Fort! is the 253rd episode of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior makes a pillow fort! But Cody isn't allowed to bring Ken.


Junior declares his pillow fort with a Junior flag. Chef Pee Pee becomes confused to why Junior has a fort. Junior tells Chef Pee Pee to get his friends from the door but tell them that he's in a fort. When Chef Pee Pee does so with Cody and Joseph not expecting to be Chef Pee Pee to be at the door, Chef Pee Pee tells them Junior is in his fort when Joseph and Cody comes in. They wonder if they could come inside the pillow fort but Junior tells them that there a sentence to come in. Cody says that this is hard and admits its hard since sentences are long. Junior tells them a hint which is the answer ,"Bowser Junior is Awesome." Cody and Joseph says the sentence and the two turtles come in but it's too crowded. Junior says that he is the boss and he makes rules. The two rules are "No Women Allowed." Cody gets satisfied since he's a homosexual. Junior takes it back since Cody is taking the rule too far. The 3 turtles complain about the cramping and Junior decides to kick out Ken. Cody gets mad and makes his own fort, leaving Joseph and Junior laughing and making fun of Cody while he is failing to make his fort. Then loud noises comes in and Cody's fort is big. Junior and Joseph decides to see, but Junior complains since its unfair how is fort is big Joseph wants to go in but Junior gets mad so Joseph doesn't do so. While Cody is showing of his fort Junior tells Joseph to suicide bomb Cody's fort. Joseph doesn't want to but Junior tells him its pretend so Joseph goes. Joseph goes Cody insists he comes in his fort, and he uses random thing like chocolate cake, so Joseph does. Junior gets mad and tells Joseph to come out Cody tells Junior that hes on a water slide and Joseph comes out with a Mexican pinâta suit Junior goes back to his fort and decides to fly a drone into Cody's fort, collapsing the pillow fort Cody and Joseph decides to get revenge and drops an atomic bomb on Juniors fort. Cody and Joseph makes fun of Junior since he lost when Chef Pee Pee comes he gets mad and tells Junior to clean it up and Junior tries to get Cody and Joseph to help him but Cody and Joseph cowardly runs out of house making Junior cleaning the mess.



  • The Mexican hat used by Joseph is also used by with Goodman in Jeffy's Flu Shot!. It was also used in SuperPowers!.
  • This is the first time Chef Pee Pee encounters Cody and Joseph at the door.
    • When this occurs, Cody is the only that says anything. This is because both Chef Pee Pee and Joseph are performed by Lovell, and he was unable to provide both voices at the same time.
  • The collapse of Junior's Pillow Fort was referenced by Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, all bomb victim locations in World War II in 1945. They have all been referenced multiple times before.
  • This is the 6th video to be filmed at the new house.
  • This is the 2nd time a mess occurs in the new house.
  • The drone returns again from The Drone! (Although it's not the same drone) and crashes into Cody's fort in a similar fashion to the September 11 attacks when the hijacked planes crashed into the Twin Towers.
  • This is the 1st time explosions happen in the new house.
  • The explosion resembles that of the game, "Angry Birds".
  • When Cody drops the atomic bomb, it killed Junior's fort, but it also could've killed everyone in the SML Universe. Then again, he did say it was just pretend.
  • This brings back Bowser Junior's Lemonade Stand! when Bowser Junior yells at Cody again.
  • This is the first video in the new house that takes place in only one room.
  • This video was teased in Logan's Instagram account by showing a picture of both Junior's and Cody's team flags.
  • The crew had planned on hiring the lead singer of "Smash Mouth" for the bit when Cody says "Smash Mouth's starting". Once Logan found out the price, he said it was well more expensive than you think. This was told in the reaction video.


  • At the end of the video, when the SML question is displayed, the word "random" is misspelled as "rnadom"