Bowser Junior's Playtime 2 is the 108th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior and his friends play house! AGAIN!



Upcoming Video Characters


  • In the upcoming video scene, Bowser is totally different, and it is not totally using a plushie, it is used as a puppet version (Because Bowser's mouth is totally moving).
    • After the upcoming video scene, Logan told his non-fans that if they keep complaining about Bowser Junior's videos he will upload more Bowser Junior videos (this is Logan's cruel side). But the video came out as The Perfect Plan!
  • This video was recorded January 23, almost two months before this video was uploaded.
  • On Facebook before this video release, Logan said that there will be a Big Update in the video and he said that there will be a lot of big changes. But somehow The Big Update was on Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!.


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