Bowser Junior's Playtime 3 is the 165th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior and his friends play pretend house together! And they take it too far...


Pretend House Scene 1: " Honey, I'm Home".

Junior (Dad), comes home and kisses Joseph (Mom). Junior also's add's that he got a big proportion at work. Joseph asks what they could do with the extra money. Junior says he was going to buy a new TV for the living room. Joseph says he was going to buy a purse or new high heels. They then get into a argument about what to buy. Cody (Sally), then comes in and says that their fighting is scaring her. Junior and Joseph both apologize. Cody then says that her 16th birthday is tomorrow. Junior and Joseph are surprised because they thought he/she was 12. Junior then asks what does she want for her 16th birthday. Cody says the new pink car at the car-dealer ship. Junior agrees to get the car.

Pretend House Scene 2: " Sally's 16th Birthday".

Joseph is surprised that Junior actually got the car. Junior then tells Ken, to say in the car and look hunky, while he goes a get Cody. Junior then walks in with Cody, and tells Joseph to move out the way. Cody takes off her blindfold, and his happy that Junior got the car. Cody asks Junior can she drive it. Joseph says yes, but Junior is unsure because he wants to be in the car when Cody first drives. They then comes with an agreement that Junior and Cody go on the first ride and Cody and Ken goes on the second ride.

Pretend House Scene 3: " Sally's 1st Drive".

While in the car, Cody complains that the car is too cramp. Junior says " Good thing it's a convertible". Junior then tells Cody to push the gas pedal an little bit, and Cody pushes it way to hard, and runs into an small blue car. The owner of the car then pretends to be injured to get a check. Junior tells Cody to then drive off.

Pretend House Scene 4: " Dinner That Night".

While at dinner, Joseph say's Cody told her what happened and says their insurance is going up $500. Junior then says he needs another beer. Joseph then says beer isn't going to solve the problem and they don't have enough money for this. Junior says he'll figure it out.

Pretend House Scene 5: " The DUI".

Junior is seen driving drunk, only to be pulled over by a police officer, (Toad). Toad then asks does he know why he's pulling him over. Junior says because he wants one of his beers. Toad asks if that's a beer, and Junior denies it. Toad then smells Junior's breath and smells alcohol on his breath. Toad thinks Junior is drunk and asks him to get out the car. Toad then arrests Junior. At the jail, Toad then takes Junior's picture for booking.

Pretend House Scene 6: " You Made Bail".

Junior is seen sleeping in jail, but is then woke up by Toad, who says Junior got bailed outta jail. It turns out Joseph bailed him out of jail, and says Junior could've killed someone, and Junior was just stressed out with the money situations, so Joseph is worried what effect it'll have on Junior's job. Junior says he'll talk to his boss tomorrow.

Pretend House Scene 7: " The Next Day At Work".

Junior gets called into the bosses (Patrick) office. Patrick then fires Junior for the DUI. Junior then begs Patrick not to fire him, but is still fired.

Pretend House Scene 8: " Pass The Ketchup".

While at dinner, Junior asks Ken to pass the ketchup. Ken doesn't answer, so Junior asks him again. Cody then asks Ken the question, but Junior says don't interrupt. Ken doesn't answer again and Junior gets mad and thinks that Ken is implying that he's better than Junior. Junior then asks Cody why Ken won't pass him the ketchup. Cody says because he has a burger in his hands. Junior then turns his attention to Joseph and asks why does he have the burger. Joseph reply's that he thought Junior wanted pizza and not a burger. Joseph then says "Don't take your anger all out on me because you got arrested." Junior says "Don't bring that up in front of Ken." Cody and Ken leave to go, but they can't because Toad is reposing her car. Junior comes out and tries to beg Toad not to take the car and give him a few more months before he makes more payments. Toad says no, and drives off with Cody's car.

Pretend House Scene 9: "Unemployed".

Junior is seen drinking a beer on the couch. Joseph then comes through and asks Junior when is he going to get another job. Junior says first thing tomorrow, and ask Joseph where's she's going all dressed up. Joseph says she met someone online and they wanna take her out to dinner. Junior asks if its a guy, and Joseph says no. (When it really is.) With Joseph and Cody outta the house, Junior calls over a friend. (Who's a girl.) Cody and Ken come home and see Junior in bed with Barbie. Cody asks Junior whats he doing who another lady who's not Joseph. Cody then decides to tell Joseph.

Pretend House Scene 10: "Sally Tries To Tell Mom".

While at dinner, Junior tries to beg Cody not to tell Joseph, by promising to buy her tickets for a boy band this summer. Cody declines the offer and still tries to tell Joseph. Junior says " If she tells her, shes gonna ruin this entire family." Cody says "It's already ruined." Cody then tries to tell Joseph, but Junior keeps interrupting the story with stuff like he was taking a nap, etc. Before Cody can finish the story, Joseph says she have to go do some errands. Junior then wonders where Joseph is going and decides to follow her.

Pretend House Scene 11: "The Affair".

Junior follows Joseph to an hotel and sees that Joseph is in bed with Patrick. Junior then asks Joseph why shes cheating on him, Joseph says Patrick climbed himself up to the Corporate Ladder. Junior then says their going to have to get a divorce now. Junior then says there going tell Cody tomorrow night.

Pretend House Scene 12: "The Divorce".

While at dinner, Junior and Joseph tell Cody that there getting a divorce. Also at dinner Joseph say's she's going have a baby with Ken. Cody takes Ken and says he has some explaining to do. Chef Pee Pee then says it's time for his friends to go home. Concluding This Episode of Bowser Juniors Playtime.



This episode received generally positive reviews. However, some fans didn't like this episode because of the filler from a few scenes.


  • This is the first regular Bowser Junior video to spawn a third installment of that video.
  • Another Bowser Junior video has a third installment of that video, that is Bowser Junior's Game Night 3.
  • Lovell said this was his favorite episode of 2015. Logan said it was his favorite, too.
  • This was the first time Toad has been giving his serious acting as a cop.


  • At 05:37, 07:02, and 08:03 into the video, the word "shit" and "fuck" words are uncensored.

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