Bowser Junior's Punishment! is the 104th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior is acting really bad so his dad has to punish him in a non violent way!


The episode starts with Chef Pee Pee washing the dishes, in which he also cleans Bowser's favorite cup, which is an Angry Birds cup. He says it can't get scratched since the cup is special. He then finds a bowl of Froot Loops on the counter, to which Bowser Junior throws a ball that lands on the cereal, resulting in milk in the bowl splashing on Chef Pee Pee's face. Chef Pee Pee angrily asks why Junior threw it in the cereal, but Junior states that the cereal landed on the ball, questioning Chef Pee Pee on "What is Junior's problem?!". Junior then retorts that he thought he was Tom Brady and noted that Chef Pee Pee was wide open. Chef Pee Pee then angrily tries to explain to Junior that if a lot of poor, starving African kids would eat the Froot Loops, they would die from it because it would not be enough to eat.

After a ton of arguing, Junior asks Chef Pee Pee to clean his ball. However, Chef Pee Pee does not want to clean it since Junior through it in the cereal, which causes Junior to furiously throw the ball at the kitchen counter, make it bounce back, and hitting Bowser's favorite cup, and it falls onto the floor, breaking it into pieces. Junior gets concerned, while Chef Pee Pee takes it as an advantage for getting Junior in trouble, but Junior accuses Chef Pee Pee of breaking it. Chef Pee Pee then takes him to his dad to explain to him about what he did.

Meanwhile in Bowser's room, an episode of Charleyyy & Friends is on, in which Charleyyy needs to go to the bathroom while holding his poop. He begs whoever is in the bathroom to hurry, but a person (presumably Shrek) is in the bathroom and apologizes that he is using it. Charleyyy then gets the idea of pooping in the litter box, saying if cats can do it, he can too. 

Chef Pee Pee and Junior then enter the room, saying that Junior is going to tell his dad about earlier, but he refuses. Bowser Junior then lies to Bowser by saying he went to the bathroom all by himself. Chef Pee Pee then tells Bowser what happened. Bowser then beats Bowser Junior with a belt. Junior then calls 911, Officer Goodman then shows up at the house. Bowser Junior asks if Officer Goodman could arrest Bowser the next time he beats his son, Officer Goodman says that he can do it. Officer Goodman tells Bowser that he can't beat Bowser Junior because it's illegal. Then he makes Bowser apologize to him. 

While Bowser is about to apologize to his son (but not sooner), he sees Junior drawing his Dad on the wall with the words BIG MEANIE over his head. Bowser, keeping himself cool, decides to put Junior in the corner and makes him stay for 5 minutes. Afterward, by the time the 5 minutes is over, Junior is acting weird. Joseph and Cody came over to play, but Junior, now changed, wants to stay in the corner, and starts to ruin his own train table, Bowser makes Junior be in the corner again, this time for 10 minutes. However, Junior wants to go back.

Joseph and Cody come to the corner to apologize to Junior for earlier, but Junior isn't responding correctly. Joseph and Cody then decide to go home. When Bowser comes back, his son just hung himself! Bowser takes the belt off of him. Junior then cusses by saying "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!," causing Bowser to wash his mouth with soap, but Junior still hasn't gone back to normal. He finally snaps out of it after getting beaten by his dad.



This episode received generally mixed to negative reviews from SML fans. Some fans hate this as Junior got punishment for an accident, not something that he deliberately did. Some people liked the way how Bowser beats his son nearly several dozen times. However, Alex ds, and other Bowser Junior fans (with his current channel being Walter White) gave negative reviews for this video, considering it "Time Out" done right, a panned Baby Looney Tunes episode. Nick Samon, EPICMARIO85 and Pokefan88899 gave negative reviews for this video. They said it's the worst SML video they ever seen.


  • The idea for this video was thought up of by Chilly Jimenez.
  • This is also the first time Junior attempts suicide. Another episode where he wants to die is "Bowser Junior Loses Thomas!".
  • Bowser Junior mentions a character named "Mack" in this episode. It may be a friend, an imaginary friend, or a lie.
  • This is similar to the Baby Looney Tunes episode "Time Out!" when Granny gives Bugs, Daffy, and Taz a time out for breaking the grandfather clock, When they try to make up, Granny extends the boy's discipline (this can show Granny's cruel side), which Bowser does the same thing as Granny in this episode.


  • There is a woodshed in the thumbnail of the video, but it is not actually used in the video itself.
  • There is a contradiction involving Mr. Goodman's character. He is the one that tells Bowser that it is not okay to beat their child. However, in Bowser Junior's Summer School, Goodman (in teacher form rather than police officer form) responds to Junior's claim that his dad will beat him (due to his bad report card) by saying "Well I'd beat you too!". It could though be assumed that he simply changed his mind over beating since then.
  • Junior should not have been beaten and punished as was he did was an accident, he didn't do it on purpose.


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