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  • [the scene starts out in the classroom which Goodman is drawing on the chalkboard. The chalkboard reads "LAST DAY OF School", and Goodman is drawing a pig farting out a smaller one. Under the drawing is Pig Birth]
  • Goodman: M'kay class. This is how, (points to PiG Birth) the pig gives birth, m'kay. Alright, see here you got the um, the plampapus, m'kay, and the squiggly tail. Any questions? (the school bell rang) Oh, um... oh my, it appears that um... that the class is over, I hope you all have a wonderful summer. Oh, oh, Junior. I'ma need you to stay after class, m'kay.
  • Junior: Aw, why do I have to stay after class? (Lovell is leaving the room)
  • Lovell: 'Cos you're gay!
  • Goodman: No no no, it's not because you're gay. It's um... (he shows Junior's report card) it's because I have your report card here.
  • Junior: What?!
  • Goodman: Uh, yeah. You got all F's.
  • Junior: Why? I tried in school.
  • Goodman: Well, you didn't try hard enough man.
  • Junior: But, my dad's gonna beat me since I got all F's.
  • Goodman: Well, I'd beat you too. Well, you can use the uh... the excuse that you got one B here.
  • Junior: Aw.
  • Goodman: You just didn't apply yourself throughout these other classes.
  • Junior: Why do you hate me?
  • Goodman: I don't hate you sir.
  • Junior: My dad's gonna beat me. Have a good summer Mr. Goodman. (takes his report card)
  • Goodman: You too sir. Uh, you're more likely gonna have summer school. (at the next scene, Junior is outside looking at his report card)
  • Junior: Oh man. I got all F's. My dad's gonna beat me. Well, I mean, it might not be so bad, I got one B. Let me see what Chef Pee Pee has to say about it. (in the kitchen, Chef Pee Pee looks at the Pasta-Roni box)
  • Chef Pee Pee: Pasta-Roni. Angel Hair Pasta?! What do I need Angel Hairs for? That's cruel!

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