Bowser Junior's Summer School 4 is the 55th video of SML Movies and the 4th episode of Bowser Junior's Summer School.


Bowser Junior is sick and stays home from school... But while he is at home, people at school are having fun!


The video begins in Junior's room, and he is faking sick, claiming that he can't go to school. Chef Pee Pee enters the room, telling Junior that it is time to go to summer school. Junior coughs and tells the chef that he's sick, but he eventually doubts that Junior is actually sick. He said that he tried the same thing when he was younger and it never worked. Junior then says that he IS actually sick and can't go to school that day. Chef Pee Pee then reminds Junior that he has to go to summer school because he failed regular school, and that if he failed summer school, he failed at life. Junior, once again, tells Chef Pee Pee he is sick, and that he can't tell his father. The chef then says that he has to, and goes off to tell Bowser that his son is actually faking sick, but he is stopped by Junior, saying that if Bowser was told that he was faking sick he will get beat. Junior further says that Bowser will be in his room all day long anyways, so he won't even notice. Chef Pee Pee then says that if Bowser DOES find out that he's at home, and he did not tell Bowser, he'll get beat up too. Junior then tells Chef Pee Pee to hide in the bed with him, but the chef declines. Chef Pee Pee then goes off to tell Bowser that he is sick.

The episode cuts to Bowser, who was laughing while watching Charleyyy. He then gets interrupted as Chef Pee Pee enters the room, saying that there is a problem. Bowser asks if he burned down the kitchen again, and the chef replies that he didn't, and that he never did. He then says that Junior won't come out of the bed and adds that he was faking sick. Bowser gets upset, grabs a belt and is ready to go and beat Junior, saying he has the "cure" to his son's "sickness".

Back in Junior's room, Bowser arrives with the belt, ready to whip his son. Junior tells his dad that he's really really sick, and Bowser says that it does sound like he is sick, but it also sounds like he is faking. Junior pleads, stopping Bowser from starting the beating, and he says that he really IS sick. Bowser then tells his son to prove it while Junior asks how he should prove it, and Bowser says he needs to throw up all over the room, and he has to see chunks of it. Junior says that he can try, but fails, saying he is not that sick. Bowser eventually tells his son that he should be able to go to school. Junior then says that he has the flu. Bowser in a surprised tone, says that the flu is contagious, and Junior replies by saying it's "really really contagious". Bowser tells his son that he is gross, and should stay away from him, and that he should stay in his room, but he can't play with any toys, he can't play any games, he can't play Minecraft, and he can't have any fun for the time being as well as that he cannot touch anything. Junior then asks if he CAN play Minecraft, and his father replies that he can't since he thought he was sick and that if he catches him playing any games, he will beat Junior with the belt he was holding. He begins to leave, saying that Junior cannot leave the room. Junior then asks, "What if I have to pee?", and Bowser replies that he has to pee on himself if that happens. Junior gets his dad's point, and Bowser finally leaves the room. Junior then talks to himself, saying that he can't play with any of his games, but he then asks, "What about my toys?" Bowser then rushes back to his son, yelling to Junior that he cannot play with his toys and leaves.

Meanwhile at summer school, Joseph is wondering where Bowser Junior is, and Toad replies saying that he thinks Junior's sick, and he decides to text Junior hoping that he replies. He then gets out some gum that he wants to chew, but he doesn't want anybody else to know. Toad, however, notices, and yells at Joseph, saying if that was gum and that he HAS to give him a piece. Joseph tells Toad to be quiet, saying that he doesn't want anybody else to know, and says that if he keeps quiet that he could have a piece. Toad then tells Joseph to hurry up, and he gets him a piece of gum. Toad, however, loudly thanks Joseph, saying he has the best gum in school, and everybody else rapidly claims a piece, leaving only one left. Joseph, relived, prepares to claim the piece, but Black Yoshi spits his piece of gum out, saying it ran out of flavor, and grabbed Joseph's piece. Joseph then complains, and sighs in huge despair. Cody, eating his gum, then wonders where the teacher, Jackie Chu, is. The scene then cuts to the classroom door, where the teacher knocks on the door saying "Ding Dong!" before opening it.

Back in Junior's room, he texts Joseph back, saying that he's sick and staying at home, giggling because he doesn't have to go to summer school that day, but can't believe that he can't play with anything. He then thinks that if he just sneaks out of his room and takes one or two toys, his dad might never know, and he sneaks off towards his toys. In the kitchen, meanwhile, Chef Pee Pee can't believe that Bowser allowed Junior to stay home from school when he is "clearly faking it". He is about to prepare lunch, which is a can of chili, when he hears Junior nearby.

In Junior's toy room, Junior is playing with his T-rex, roaring, when Chef Pee Pee enters the room, wondering what is going on, why Junior isn't in his room, and that he thought Junior was sick. Junior says he is sick, swiftly coughs, and says that he wanted to play with some of his toys, but the chef says that if his father finds out, they'll both "get a whooping". Junior then asks if he could bring at least one toy to take to his room, and Chef Pee Pee says to choose one toy, and to hurry up. Later, in Junior's room, Chef Pee Pee complains because Junior picked more than one toy to bring to his room, but Junior claims that he can't have his T-rex without his friends. He then asks the chef if he wants to see him "roar with the dragon", but Chef Pee Pee quickly declines, knowing that if Bowser hears this, they'll both be dead. The chef tells Junior that if Bowser does come into Junior's room, he was in the kitchen, and he leaves. Junior promises to be quiet, and that he'll only be with his toys.

Back in Summer school, Mr. Chu is telling the class that that day was a "Very Important Day", and that he should have told the class the previous day. He also adds, that if any student misses this day, they fail the whole course, and goes off to take role call. He calls out the students names, and he soon reaches Junior. He at first wonders where Junior is, but Joseph says that Junior was sick, and Mr. Chu says that he's dumb and that he fails the class. He then calls out Black Yoshi, Cecilia, and Logan (referred to as "YouTube Dumbshit"), all of which were present. He then calls out Charleyyy, who is also absent (most likely because he is busy recording for his show). He then returns to the front of the class.

In the front of the classroom, he prepares to make a very important announcement for the class, but he firsts asks the class if they could guess what it was. Cody asks if his "elephant" got bigger with the help of his medication. Mr. Chu says yes, and that it grew "a whopping TWO INCHES!", and that his wife loved it, but that was not the important part. He then asked the class if they remembered that his wife was pregnant. The class replied yes, and he said that she gave birth to a boy, so he brought cupcakes and cookies to class because he doesn't have to embarrass himself by bringing a girl to China. He then tells everyone to get one cupcake each. Toad, upon grabbing his cupcake (chocolate, green frosting, red sunglasses) and cookie (sugar cookie, chocolate icing), he says that it was the best school day ever, and that Junior is a fool for missing that day. Meanwhile, Joseph was praising his sweets and sends Junior photos of them.

Junior, in his room, receives the photo from Joseph, and is upset that he missed the day. He then pulls himself together, thinking to have as much fun as he can at home. He then gets up to play Minecraft.

Back with Mr. Chu, he asks the class if they are enjoying their cupcakes and cookies. The class says that they are, and he says that that's good, and that there was no homework for the day. He then cheers with the students.

On Junior's computer, he is playing Minecraft, finished with his Mario and Luigi statues, and turns around revealing a massive cruise ship he is working on. He then shows a room with a bed and a pool. The scene then cuts to Bowser Junior at the keyboard, saying how Minecraft is so awesome, and how jealous his friends will be when they see what he has built. Suddenly, Bowser enters the room, he at first fakes being amazed by the ship, but he tells Bowser Jr. that something is missing, and replies "A beating!" Bowser then beats Junior with the same belt he was about to whip him with early on in the video for what is believed to be an earlier reminder Chef Pee Pee told him about as the video ends.

In the post-video scene an extra clip plays, in which Jackie Chu finds that Cecilia has taken an extra cupcake. She says "Lo siento"(Spanish for I'm sorry). Jackie Chu then orders her to put the cupcake back.



  • When Jackie Chu says "It's raining cats and dogs!", it is a reference to the Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman episode "It's Raining Cats and Dogs!" where Taylor was assigned to forecast the weather.
  • Paul was able to grab a cupcake despite not having any arms.
  • This video marks the first appearance of Junior's Minecraft world and creations.
  • At 0:12, you can see a Minnie Mouse toy.