Bowser Junior's Summer School 5 is the 58th video of SML Movies and the 5th episode of Bowser Junior's Summer School.


There is a new girl in the classroom! And also BIG TEST today!


Bowser enters Bowser Junior's room and tells him to get up and go to the car immediately. Junior asks if he can have breakfast but Bowser tells him no since he faked being sick the previous day. Junior submits and goes to the car. There, he asks Chef Pee Pee if they can go to McDonald's for breakfast. Chef Pee Pee tells him no because they are going to be late. At the school, the chalkboard states that there is a big test planned. Cody, being the nerd he is, is excited for the test while Junior is scared because he didn't know there was going to be a test. Junior also realizes that Toad is not in his seat. Toad then comes along with a shy Toadette whose name is Paulina. Toad tells Paulina to calm down when she hides. Paulina is revealed to be Toad's sister and when Bowser Junior sees her, he immediately falls in love with her. When she talks, she sounds like a man but Junior thinks she's still sexy. He tries to hit on her but Toad tells him that no one can talk to Paulina.

When Jackie Chu comes in, he tells everyone that the test is the biggest test ever despite being composed of only four questions. Jackie Chu asks if anyone has questions, to which Junior asks why they have a test even though they didn't learn anything. Jackie Chu pretends that Junior is absent because he missed out on cupcake day. Jackie Chu then actually sees Junior and tells him that he failed and has to leave. Junior begs him not to fail him and asks what he can do to pass the class. Jackie Chu tells him if he can get an A on his test, then he won't fail, or he would have to kill the fly in order to pass. Jackie Chu asks the class who wants to pass out the test sheets. Cody volunteers but is ignored. Jackie Chu then asks Paul but he can't do it because he has no arms.

He then asks Cecilia, but she is confused about what he said. Jackie Chu tells her what to do in the simplest way possible and she passes out the test. After she gives it to Cody he immediately starts the test. After Tanner gets the test, he plans to get out of class by asking if he can go to the bathroom. Black Yoshi is asleep so he doesn't take the test at all. After Junior receives his test, he decides to cheat off someone. He asks Toad if he can cheat off him but Toad tells him he already has a cheater. Joseph tries to cheat by using his phone to Google the answers but Jackie Chu catches him and confiscates his phone. Junior then asks Cecilia to help him but she eats her test instead. He then decides to cheat off of Cody but Jackie Chu catches him and sends him to Principal Steinbeck's office. When Junior goes to his office, Steinbeck is excited to see him so he can punish him. Junior tells him that he cheated and Steinbeck calls Bowser immediately.

Bowser is watching TV and gets interrupted by his phone. Steinbeck tells him that Junior cheated on his test and Bowser has to come to the school. Bowser asks what punishment Junior is receiving and Principal Steinbeck comes up with the best punishment. As the punishment is revealed, Tanner pulls the fire alarm to get out of the test. Jackie Chu doesn't know about fire safety so he has his class sit in the corner and whimper, just as a firefighter from Brooklyn comes in and then tells them to get out of the school immediately. He takes Black Yoshi out since he's still sleeping. When they're outside, the firefighter tells everyone that some asshole pulled the fire alarm. After that he tells everyone, including Jackie Chu, to go home and the episode ends.



  • Charleyyy does not physically appear in this episode.
  • This is the first appearance of Paulina.
  • Chris the Cucumber does not speak in this episode.
  • This is the first time Brooklyn T. Guy appears in an episode since Stuck in a Tree making it his second overall appearance. This time, he is voiced by Chris rather than Lance. He becomes a recurring character following this video.
  • This is the first time Chef Pee Pee is listening to one of Toad's songs, he listened to another one of his songs in Chef Pee Pee's Mistake.
  • The questions on the test are:
    • 1+1+2+3+4+5+6+789=
    • Simplify CHINGCHONG+eCQ-12=
    • If a train is traveling at 120 mph and it is a Tuesday that is partly cloudy, what will I have for dinner two weeks from now?
  • This is the first time Paulina appears on a thumbnail.
  • The song that Chef Pee Pee listened to was Milk and Cookies.


  • When Bowser Junior gets in the Car, the time reads 4:32 PM on the radio. Technically, Bowser Junior would've missed a day of Summer School if he left were to leave at that time for Summer School.