Bowser Junior's Three Wishes is the 56th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior is washing a bottle jar thing and a genie pops out! Now Junior gets three wishes!


As Chef Pee Pee is washing dishes, Bowser Junior approaches him, asking if he wants to play with toys (to which Chef Pee Pee obviously declines). Junior is bored to the point where he actually asks to help Chef Pee Pee wash dishes. Surprised, Pee Pee gives him a canteen to scrub. As he does so, Junior releases a mystical genie that offers him three wishes, and Chef Pee Pee immediately suggests that the wishes should be used by himself. However, the genie refuses, as Junior was the one who released him. So Chef Pee Pee convinces Junior to use the first wish to send him to a distant tropical island. However, although Chef Pee Pee is overjoyed, Junior gets lonely, and decides to use the second wish to return his friend to the house, much to Chef Pee Pee's dismay. Finally, Bowser Junior spends the third wish to become a dinosaur, and bothers both his father and Toad with it. As he shows it to Chef Poo Poo, the latter is initially scared, but rides on Junior's back.




  • When Chef Pee Pee is in paradise, when he is shouting, you can hear him echo as if he's still in the kitchen. However, Logan could've used a green screen for this effect.
  • In this video, when Charleyyy farts on the car's fill-valve, the car didn't explode. However, in Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack!, Bowser Junior farted on the car's fill valve, the car exploded.