Bowser Junior's Train Table! is the 121st video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior and his friends go to Toys"R"Us to get a new train table for Thomas!


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This episode begins with Chef Pee Pee over-excited about cooking in the new kitchen for the first time. Junior then starts playing with Thomas on the kitchen counter and Chef Pee Pee becomes angry. He tells Junior to get the hell out and Junior responds by saying that Thomas has nowhere to ride so he "has to go everywhere". Chef Pee Pee says he has to cook and Junior mentions the events of "Bowser's House Fire" and the fact that his old train table caught on fire so he asks Chef Pee Pee to buy him a new one. Chef Pee Pee says no and that Bowser would probably get him a new one for Christmas. Junior says Christmas is "forever away" and that he cannot wait that long and that it's Santa's job. Chef Pee Pee calls Junior a spoiled brat. Then Junior says if he has to wait until Christmas then he can play with Thomas in the kitchen and starts playing with Thomas on the oven and makes Chef Pee Pee enraged. Chef Pee Pee tells Junior to go bother his dad about the train table and "make him choke on the train tracks". Junior does what Chef Pee Pee says.

Bowser keeps saying "Charleyyy" in his sleep. Junior keeps saying "dad" and then yells "CHOO CHOO!" and puts Thomas in Bowser's mouth. Bowsers yells at Junior and says he almost choked him with Thomas. He then asks what time it is and Junior says morning. Bowser says he's missing Charleyyy and watches an episode of Charleyyy and Friends before being interrupted by Junior playing with Thomas. Bowser says that junior has his own room and that Bowser isn't a train track. Junior says he doesn't have a trainable anymore and asks Bowser if he can get him one. Bowser mentions that they're 300 dollars. Junior says it would make him really happy and Bowser calls him a brat. He still gives him his credit card and tells him that Chef Pee Pee will take him. Bowser Junior says Bowser is the best dad ever but Bowser tells him to get the hell out.

Cody "and" Ken knock on the door to see the new place and Junior is kinda angry because he is about to go to Toys R Us. Junior mentions that he is about to go to Toys R Us and that Cody should "totally come with".





  • This video marks the first appearance of Cody's new doll Chadwick and Bowser Junior's new car Winston
  • This video marks the second time a scene was filmed in Toys"R"Us, the first being Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation.
    • Both times scenes were filmed in Toys"R"Us, Junior buys a Thomas and Friends toy and Cody buys a Barbie doll.
  • The Charleyyy and Friends episode Bowser watches is the same episode from Bowser Junior's Happy Meal.
  • This is the first time Cody sings a song.
  • Chef Pee Pee is shown to be homophobic as he called Cody a faggot.
  • This video unfairly got age restricted around December 10-11.


  • At 5:59, Chris mouth can be seen
  • Winston is allowed on the train track because he's a track inspection vehicle, not a car.