Bowser Junior's World Record! is the 131th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior wants to set a world record!


Bowser Junior is watching Doofy The Dragon. When Doofy dies, Junior cracks up, like usual but when Bowser is annoyed that Junior is always watching TV, Bowser suggests reading a book for "exercise". Bowser gave Junior the Guinness World Record book. When he starts reading, he wants to set a world record! Junior tells Chef Pee Pee and he starts laughing at Junior because he thinks that Junior can't set one. Junior feels like some records are dumb and that he can set a lot of them. Junior calls a Guinness World Records guy, who comes and thinking Junior could set hundreds of records, until Junior tells him he has no idea which record to set. After many failed attempts (loudest burp and fart, hot dog eating, etc.) and many stupid records (loudest door slam, most gummy bears on an ice cream, fastest time putting bread in the pantry, etc.). The Guinness World Record guy says that Junior will never make it this year because he's too young and kinda retarded. But Junior suddenly has an idea with the Gummi Bears. After bringing the GWR guy, Junior puts gummi bears in a cookie sheet and smashed them and put them in the oven and out came the World's Biggest Gummi Bear! The Guinness World Record guy, impressed, says that's a world record. Junior really wants to be in this year's edition, which is already printed. After gluing it, Junior brags in Chef Pee Pee's face. Chef Pee Pee notices that it is glued, and Junior can't break a world record. Junior calls Chef Pee Pee the "Ugliest Face" which makes Chef Pee Pee want to beat him.



  • The large gummy bear Junior cooked is real and it can be ordered from
  • Junior becomes the second SML character to be included in a guinness book of world records, the first being Shrek from Shrek's Big Crap.
  • This is the third video that shows Chris Netherton's Face, following Bowser Junior's Summer School 2 and Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Season 3 Episode 3.
  • It's revealed that Logan calls Chris "Pablo".
  • Bowser Junior sang All-Stars by Smash Mouth, then he sang it again in American Idol Episode 1
  • When Chef Pee Pee turned to page 57, Bowser Junior's page of biggest gummy bear said "Junior created the World's largest Gummy Bear by random f****** chance! There is no way anyone in the world anyone could actually make a huge gummy bear by hitting small gummy bears with a hammer!"


  • When Doofy is sucking the Carbon Monoxide poisoning hose, if one looks closely, one can see that there is water leaking from the hose, meaning that Logan actually used a water-hose.
  • Bowser Junior told Brooklyn Guy that he would eat 70 hotdogs in 2 minutes, however when he told Chef Pee Pee, he told him that he had to eat 70 hotdogs in 12 minutes.