"Bowser Junior's Halloween Problem!" is the 158th video of SML Movies. It is also the sequel to Bowser Junior's Halloween.


Bowser won't let Junior go trick or treating. So he sneaks out!


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  • Due to Joseph's mom's death, it could be possible this video takes place after any videos where Joseph's Mom is mentioned.
    • It is later revealed in Joseph's Mom! that she was alive the whole time
  • This is the first time that Chef Pee Pee dresses up as a killer.


  • When Chef Pee Pee proceeds to scare Bowser Junior, his hands aren't seen holding the chainsaw.
  • Bowser is dressing up as Mario for Halloween even though he hates him.
  • Toad strangely disappears when Bowser Junior goes trick or treating in Craig's house, however, the list of character deaths says that Toad got murdered by Chef Pee Pee.
  • In the video, Bowser states that he cut off Mario's nose to use for his costume. But in the post-video, Mario's nose is not cut off.
    • However, the post-video could have took place before Bowser cut off Mario's nose.
  • Goodman mentions Willy Wonka even though he doesn't appear once in the entire SML universe
    • it's possible that Willy Wonka does exist in the SML universe but just doesn't want to show his face
  • Even though Bowser Junior makes a good point about letting a child use a really sharp object (like a knife) is a bad idea, Bowser Junior uses it anyway.
  • at Craig's house when he said there was a penny with the drugs and Reese's peanut butter cups, there is a hand to the right side of Craig's door that is holding a penny.
    • It's possible that Logan forgot to put the penny with the drugs and Reese's, and that's why the hand holding the penny appears next to Craig.
  • Realisticly, the chainsaw would be louder than Chef Pee Pee's voice when we first see him with the chainsaw behind the tree.
  • Later that same scene, the chainsaw suddenly becomes louder than Chef Pee Pee's laugh and Junior Cody and Joseph's screaming