Bowser Junior Gets Potty Trained! is the 122nd video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior has been peeing the bed, and now he has to get potty trained!


Bowser Junior wakes up and is happy that it is early in the morning. He then discovers his bed all wet, making him believe he woke up from the ocean and is now a mermaid.

Junior rushes to tell Chef Pee Pee who is singing a song about the salt and pepper. Junior interrupts him and tells him that he is a mermaid but Chef Pee Pee feels his wet sheets and realizes that it isn't water, it's pee, Bowser Junior then said that it was a "One Time Mistake" and he won't ever wet the bed again but Chef Pee Pee said that Junior is going to need diapers, Junior respond to this by saying that he is a big boy and "The Biggest Boy Ever" but Chef Pee Pee said he isn't a big boy if he's wetting the bed. Embarrassed and defeated he told Chef Pee Pee to just clean his sheet and he'll invite Joseph and Cody over.

Chef Pee Pee tells Bowser that Junior "pissed" the bed and Bowser is upset at Junior and says that he is 6 years old. Chef Pee Pee agrees with him. Bowser says he'll beat the Piss/Pee out of him.

Meanwhile, Junior is playing with Thomas in his room. Bowser asks Junior if he wet the bed but Junior attempted to stay out of trouble by lying and saying that Chef Pee Pee is just "jealous" that he was a mermaid because he woke up from the ocean and Bowser gets suspicious with that answer and made Junior follow him into his room.

Inside, he tells Junior to show him the sheets which Junior peed in when he feels the sheets with his hands he said it feels like pee, Junior ask how he knows what pee feel like but Bowser says "Don't ask questions." Junior then lies that he was drinking some Coke and it spilled on his sheets. Bowser then ask Junior "So Coke smells like pee?". Which Junior said yes and that Pepsi is better. Since Bowser hears that it might have been Coke, he forces Junior to drink the Coke/Pee.

Then he takes Junior to the bathroom and told him to pee in the toilet which Junior replied saying that he doesn't know how to pee in the toilet and that he usually pees in the refrigerator, and then Bowser realizes that's what's been happening to all the milks. After Junior showed that he wasn't able to pee in a toilet and that he peed all over the place, his dad made him wear diapers and threatens that if he takes it off, he will beat him in front of his friends since Junior decided to call his friends over for a playdate.

His friends arrive shortly after Bowser left to go watch Charleyyy and Friends after putting on Junior's diaper. And when Joseph and Cody get in, Junior only shows his head in the crack between the door and doorway while saying hello to his friends and he's just hanging out in his apartment, suddenly slams it shut, rushes to the couch to lay a blanket over his diaper.

Junior lies on the couch with the blanket, Cody and Joseph are wondering why Junior is under the blanket. Junior says that he has hypothermia and Cody says that they live in Florida and it's very hot outside. but Junior's excuse is that he was drinking some lemonade and the ice cubes gave him hypothermia which makes his body very cold. Joseph and Cody then get suspicious and realize that Junior might be hiding something under the blanket. Junior bullies Joseph about his "big" nose and how he can't hide it. Cody and Joseph then take the blanket off from Junior and find that he's wearing a diaper! Joseph and Cody start laughing at Junior's diaper and treat/bully Junior like a 1-year-old baby. Cody said that he stopped wearing diapers 2 weeks ago. Cody and Joseph continue to bully/laugh at Junior and say babyish stuff to him and Junior runs away in tears while both of his friends are still laughing.

Junior then bumps into Toad who doesn't seem to care that Junior is wearing a diaper. When Toad realizes Junior's diaper, he is surprised. Toad decides to sing a Rap Song to Junior about going to the bathroom which finally taught Junior how to pee! Junior is now happy when he throws the diaper away, flushes the toilet, and the duo run away cheering as the credits come on.



  • This video ends the 10-month hiatus of Toad's song numbers since Bowser Junior's Summer School 2.
  • If you look closely the diaper that Junior is wearing, it is actually toilet paper taped together by clear tape.
  • In the scene when Bowser Junior is peeing in the bathroom, Logan actually used a squirt gun to make it look like that Junior really did pee. Plus, the liquid that is coming from the squirt gun, it's not actual pee; it is most likely that Logan used Water with yellow food coloring to make it look like pee.
  • As Chef Pee Pee and Bowser Junior are arguing in his bedroom, Chef Pee Pee yells to Junior "Do you see an ocean? Are you Ariel?! NO! You're not a mermaid!".
  • The reason that Toad didn't laugh at Junior is most likely because he is wearing a diaper himself as he only wears a blue and yellow jacket, and a diaper/underwear.
  • Toad could be an ABDL due to the fact that he wears a diaper but knows how to use the toilet.


  • Despite Junior not knowing how to urinate in a toilet, he knows how to poop in Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 1.
  • Cody said that he stopped wearing diapers 2 weeks ago however that is still considered embarrassing because children should stop wearing diapers when they start to become able to walk. This is one of the reasons why this episode received mixed reviews.
  • Junior wasn't wearing his bib/bandanna while wearing the diaper.
  • When Bowser said that he gave birth to Junior, this is false since only females give birth (everybody knows that) and a male seahorse can give birth. Peach actually gave birth to Junior.


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