"Bowser Junior Goes Bowling!" is the 107th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior has never went bowling before!


Bowser Junior was playing with Thomas on his Train Table and Joseph and Cody said that they are starting to get bored, Junior asked them if they would want to see him playing with his trains and they said no, Joseph then suggested to put a fork in the garbage disposal to see if it will "crunch it up" but Chef Pee Pee stopped them and told them to play but they told them they were bored so he told them to watch T.V, They watched T.V and found a bowling ad but Junior doesn't know what's bowling, His friends explained to him and asked Bowser if they can go bowling and they told them to ask Chef Pee Pee, however, he said no but agreed since Junior and his friends attempted to gather all the silverware and put them in the garbage disposal. In the Bowling Stadium Joseph and Chef Pee Pee quits when they are losing (Even though Chef Pee Pee sold his soul to Craig The Devil), Junior betted Cody to bowl a perfect score of 300 but Cody ended up passing out on the last roll. Junior then messed up Chef Pee Pee's pool game and Chef Pee Pee told them they need to go home since he was fed up with the 4 and Bowser Junior suddenly realizes that Cody was missing and was unaware that he was still asleep inside the Bowling Alley.



  • This video took place at DeLuna Lanes in Pensacola. This video contains a tour of the location
  • Logan and his family have had a hobby for bowling, as seen on the refrigerator of the new house, where there are bowling magnets
  • These were the total scores: Bowser Junior: 17 (strike, 7 gutters, and 7 pins) Chef Pee Pee: 37 (4 gutters, 2 spares,strike,and 7 pins, because Junior shouted at him twice.) Cody: 300 (all strikes, perfect game) Toad: 23 (9 pins, 7 pins, 7 pins and 3 gutters) Joseph: 0 (no pins knocked down, 2 gutters, because Junior scared him once).
  • Cody was the only one who was seen bowling all 10 frames.
  • Joseph was the only one who didn't knock down a bowling pin.
  • Cody, Bowser Junior, and Chef Pee Pee are the only ones to get strikes.
  • Toad failed to get a spare in the 3 frames he bowled.
  • Junior rolled the most gutters with 7.
  • Joseph quit in the second frame, Toad quit in the fourth frame, and Chef Pee Pee quit in the sixth frame (he bowled the fifth frame and got a spare, then quit). However, Junior was not seen bowling after Chef Pee Pee went into the game room.
  • It is unknown how Cody was able to get home. Maybe they went back for him.
  • It's also unknown how Toad got invited to go bowling.
  • This video marks as the third longest video on the SuperMarioLogan Channel, only trailing behind Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World and Cody's Revenge!.
  • This was the first video during Logan's move out.
  • The game Toad is playing on the arcade is Tekken.
  • Chef Pee Pee, Bowser Junior, Joseph, and Cody are using bowling balls from a company called Brunswick. Toad's bowling ball is from a company called Eagle.
  • This video reveals that Cody is actually good at Bowling.
  • This video was uploaded exactly 1 year before Mario's Hobo Problem!.


  • In a few rolls when Cody is bowling, the ball looks as if it were to hit the gutter.