Chef Pee Pee: Here's your Shaquille O'Neil Fruity Pebbles, Junior.

Bowser Junior: Because if he can be star, I can be one too!

Chef Pee Pee: Yeah whatever.

Bowser Junior: Could you get me some milk?

Chef Pee Pee: Yeah, hold on. Geez.

(Chef Pee Pee opens the fridge.)

Chef Pee Pee: Where's this milk? No milk? Well, Hawaiian Punch will do.

Bowser Junior: Mmm... Fruity Pebbles looks so good.

Chef Pee Pee: There was no milk in the refrigerator. So I got Hawaiian Punch instead.

Bowser Junior: Hawaiian Punch? Is that blood?

Chef Pee Pee: No, why it would be blood? It's Hawaiian Punch. It's juice.

Bowser Junior: Oh. Well, I could eat that with my cereal?

Chef Pee Pee: Yeah sure, like we don't have any milk. So that's all we have.

Bowser Junior: Saturday morning cartoons!

Bowser Junior: Get outta here, so I can watch Doofy the Dragon! I mean like come on!

Chef Pee Pee: Whatever, Junior.

Bowser Junior: Doofy the Dragon!

Doofy the Dragon: (singing) You need to eat a bowl of Doofy O's, You could win a trip to Disney World! All you gotta do is find the knife! And then you need to kill my ex-wife!

(Explains Contest to Viewers, Then Shoots Himself With a Gun).

Bowser Junior: (excitedly) D-d-d-d-d-Doofy the Dragon cereal! Get outta here, Shaquille O'Neil!

Bowser Junior: Dad dad dad!

Bowser: I've already heard you. Yes.

Bowser Junior: Yay!!! He says yes.

Chef Pee Pee: (moans) Damn.

Chef Pee Pee: (sighs) I can't believe he just won.

Bowser Junior: Chef Pee Pee. Did you know since I found this knife...

Chef Pee Pee: Yeah...

Bowser Junior: ...that I could go to Disney World?

Chef Pee Pee: Yeah yeah, so have fun. Bye.

Bowser Junior: But... Chef Pee Pee.

Chef Pee Pee: What?

Bowser Junior: So somewhat, so the rules say that someone 18 years or older has to go. So I wondering that you want to go to Disney world with me and my friends.

Chef Pee Pee: Me? Why me?

Bowser Junior: Because I want to have memories of going to Disney World with you.

Chef Pee Pee: Ahh! DAMMIT! GOD-(censored beep)-ER!!

Bowser Junior: Are you okay?

Chef Pee Pee: Yes, just get your damn friends!

Bowser Junior: Thank you, Chef Pee Pee!

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