Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World! Part 1 is the 139th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior wins a free trip to Disney World!


The movie starts off with Bowser Junior eating cereal. He sees a commercial on Doofy O's, and Doofy the Dragon announces he is having a contest that if they find a knife inside one of his specially marked boxes, they win a trip to Disney World and then shoots himself and dies once again. Junior buys seven boxes and finds the knife and wins the free trip. Junior calls Joseph and Cody and invites them to come along. They go with Chef Pee Pee to the airport and they arrive at the resort hotel. They want to go to the parks, but Chef Pee Pee wants to relax, but he wants to go have fun as well, so he agrees.

As soon as Junior, Joseph, Cody, and Chef Pee Pee get to the Magic Kingdom, they start riding some of the rides such as the thrill rides; Splash Mountain (where if you listen closely you can hear a guy speaking Spanish, which Junior tells him to shut up), Big Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain. Followed by Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin! They go and they meet the Brooklyn Guy who is dressed up as Mickey Mouse. He admits to not being the real Mickey, but he brings out a plush Pluto anyways. Junior steals the toy leaves. They ride more rides until Junior meets the real Mickey Mouse but Mickey tells Junior to buy water for 20 bucks (later he tells him to buy two). He acts like a jerk towards Junior and tells him to go buy more stuff, but Junior says that the Brooklyn Guy gave him a doll already. Mickey is infuriated that Junior did not pay for the toy and leaves to find the Brooklyn Guy

They go back to their hotel rooms and Junior and Joseph are in one bed and Chef Pee Pee and Cody in the other, while Cody fawns over his stupid Ken doll. Mickey knocks on the door, with the Brooklyn Guy in a chokehold, asking if he is the bastard that gave Junior the free toy. The video ends with Brooklyn Guy saying that he stole the toy, not that it was given to him.



Despite much hype and anticipating regarding this episode, it has received significantly negative reviews from SML fans and critics alike. This episode has been criticized for its repetitive jokes (basically Junior and everyone else screaming on ride after ride), being mostly filler, and for its relatively long running time.

Dabhdude gave it a 2/5 for color orange range rating criticizing the episode being boring and ranked the 1st place on his Top ten Worst SML Videos of 2015. SML Reviewer gave it a D+. The Time Project put this video as #1 on his Top 10 Worst SuperMarioLogan Videos of 2015 along with the second part of this video. However, some people have liked it.

Red The Red Bird gave it an 9.3/10 score, he praised the video for showing up some rides at Disney World so you could see how it could be, he praised that it was fun, but he disliked Mickey Mouse, critizing his actitude and his drug addiction (despite he snorts cocaine in part 2 only), he said that the Cute Mario Bros Mickey Mouse is a trillion times better than SML Mickey Mouse, and says it is not as good as Bowser Junior Goes To The Fair! was.

This is the 1st SML Video that YouTuber GamecubeDude300 reacted too, his opinion is unknown.


  • This video has broken the record of becoming the longest SML Movie ever created at 35:02, surpassing the very first SML Movie The Nintendo DSi's old record of 30:06. However, Logan beating the final Super Mario Galaxy 2 boss was longer, being 39 minutes and 53 seconds long.
  • This Mickey's first appearance since the American Idol series back in 2008 and his first appearance in an SML Movie. This also ends the 7-year hiatus from his appearance on the show.
  • This is the first Bowser Junior video to be in two parts.
    • This is also the only non-series video to have two parts.
  • In a dabhdude livestream, Logan revealed that he got caught recording on Rock n' Roller Coaster which caused the staff to stop the ride so they can make Logan put the camera away.
    • This also explains why there was a large timeskip between Junior entering the ride and exiting the ride.
  • The hotel the group stays at is Port Orleans - Riverside.
  • The "Doofy-O's" boxes were actually re-decorated Cheerios boxes.
  • This is the second time Chef Pee Pee is stabbed in the eye. The first was in Bowser's Cookies.
  • All of Bowser Junior's friends traveled with him except for Toad.
  • Most of the profanity in both parts of the movie is uncensored.
  • Mickey is revealed to be rude seeming as he called Bowser Junior a "piece of shit" and ordered him to go buy insanely overpriced things. Could be inspired from the South Park version that is shown to be rude.
  • This is the second SML Video that has them going to a theme park/fair. The first time was Bowser Junior Goes To The Fair!


  • On the wait for riding the Space Mountain ride, you can see Chris's face while Junior is talking to his friends.
  • Cody and Bowser Junior were shown be scared of the rides in Disney World but they weren't at the fair in Bowser Junior Goes To The Fair!. The same goes with Chef Pee Pee where he didn't seem to be scared of the rides, but was scared of the rides in Bowser Junior Goes To The Fair (as if he overcame his fears).
  • When the box flap is open it says "Cheerios" showing that the front and back were fan-made covers.
  • When Bowser Junior and his friends were going on space mountain, multiple people were looking at them for an unknown reason.
  • At 20:06-20:09 when Bowser Junior, Joseph, Cody, and Chef Pee Pee were waiting for the ride in Space Mountian, the ride cart comes infront of them and then the scene repeats again.
  • When Bowser Junior saw Patrick and Felipe in Disney World and Patrick and Felipe wanted to go on the ride and when they went on the ride it was only Bowser Junior and Patrick and it didn't show Felipe on it because you can only hear Bowser Junior and Patrick's voices while on the ride and it shows them in the picture. It's possible Felipe did go on the ride but was on a different cart or he changed his mind and didn't want to go on.


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