Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World! Part 2 is the 140th episode of SML Movies. It is also part two of Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World.


Bowser Junior and his friends go to Epcot and Animal Kingdom!


Mickey Mouse arrives at Junior's hotel room holding Brooklyn Guy hostage, He asks Chef Pee Pee if he was the ''bastard'' that gave him the free Pluto plush, and Brooklyn Guy explains that he didn't give him the toy and that he took it, and Mickey starts hitting Brooklyn Guy and accidentally kills him, so he puts the body in the fridge. Mickey goes inside the room and has a hit of cocaine. Junior and Chef Pee Pee are shocked.

The door knocks and Junior answers it. Goofy is at the door and he tells Mickey that the meth lab is on fire because “Donald can't cook”. Mickey panics and has Goofy come into the room. Goofy snorts coke as well. Mickey reveals that he and Goofy are on crack and that they make money off of shipping millions of dollars to Mexican drug dealers, hence why Walt Disney World is located so close to Cuba. They decide to sleep in the bathroom.

The next morning, Chef Pee Pee wakes up to see that Ken is on his back- buttnaked. Cody is shocked and Chef Pee Pee runs to take a shower. Cody goes to Junior and Joseph's room telling him that Ken cheated on him. Junior and Joseph are generally annoyed with Cody thinking Ken is real and his gay ways, so they say that Ken wanted to make him jealous.

Mickey wakes up in the bathtub and sees that Goofy is dead. Mickey is scared and in denial that Goofy is dead. Chef Pee Pee arrives and Mickey tells him that Goofy died from all that crack. Mickey runs to do his coke again and tries to revive Goofy with more coke, but it doesn't work. Mickey is scared and is ashamed that he got Goofy killed. He and Chef Pee Pee hide the body in the bushes and Mickey heads back to the park.

Chef Pee Pee wakes up Junior and the kids and says that they are going to Animal Kingdom. They see Goofy's dead body outside, but Chef Pee Pee tells him to ignore it. They arrive at the park and Junior wants to see dinosaurs, but the others keep explaining that dinosaurs are extinct. Here they ride Kilamanjaro Safaris, Expedition Everest, where they freak out when they get to the missing track part, and DINOSAUR.

They go back to the hotel and decide to go to Epcot, where they are forced to walk off of Test Track after another one of its commonly-occurring breakdowns. They go to the World Showcase and see that Jackie Chu is there. They go the China Pavilion of the park and they worship the statues of people who died for egg rolls. Jackie then gives them each a free egg roll. Back at the hotel, Junior dares Chef Pee Pee to eat it for 20 bucks. He does it and gets the 20 bucks, then throws up. Chef Pee Pee then tells the kids they have to go home now and they leave.



  • This is Goofy's first appearance in an SML movie and his first appearance since 2008, ending a 7-year hiatus.
  • The video starts slightly differently than the previous one ended. The last video ended with Mickey and Brooklyn Guy staring at Chef Pee Pee after Brooklyn Guy said “I didn’t give it to him, he took it”. Here, after he says the line, Mickey beats him and yells at him.
  • This episode reveals that Logan still has the Goofy plush he used in the American Idol series.
  • This is the 3rd SML Movie and 4th SML video to be over the 30 minute mark. Beating the The Nintendo DSi and was intended to be longer than the first part.
  • The word "fuck" is uncensored several times in this video.
  • Goofy being on crack is a reference to the old SML video, Mario and Tony Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, when Tony said Goofy was on drugs.
  • A Donald Duck toy can be seen on the corner of the dresser in the hotel room, which indicates he may have been slated to have a part in the episode.
  • It is likely the part in which Test Track breaks down was not scripted, especially since the attraction has a reputation for breaking down several times a day.
  • According to the video "HAVE NEVER EVER" on Chilly's vlog channel, Logan had to get a scene at the monorail, when a security guard came up and asked why Logan was filming with puppets. Logan said that his little sister was dying of cancer and he took her toys to Disney World and filmed it for her.
  • This is the first and only time Goofy died.
  • In December 2017, the video was Age-Restricted since either the F word being uncensored or Mickey and Goofy doing coke. It has since had the age restriction taken off.


  • When Chef Pee Pee decides that they go to Epcot, Bowser Junior said he hates food, but he was okay with them. It's possible that he was joking.
  • At 2:35 and 8:13, the F-word is uncensored.
  • When the cast sits down, Lovell's body can be seen.


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