Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Part 1 is the 216th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior is sent off to Military School to learn how to respect others and be disciplined!


The Episode starts in Junior's room where the Brooklyn Guy, dressed as a military sergeant, barges into his room and wakes him up with an airhorn, ordering him to get up and prepare for military school (accompanied by Bowser yelling "See you in two weeks son!" and punching Junior in the face).

Junior arrives at military school along with three other students. Things get off to a horrible start almost immediately as Junior is ordered to do 20 push-ups (eventually becoming 60 after Junior argues with the sergeant) for not responding with a "Yes Sir!", as he was supposed to. After forcing Junior to the ground to do push-ups (and calling him "Tubby Tubby" after the first few), Brooklyn Guy tells the 3 other students that they are going to stay in Military School until he is convinced that they have learned their lesson. After Junior finishes his push-ups, the sergeant points to the "obstacle course", and reveals that they will be forced to run it ten times every single day before ordering them to begin.

As everyone begins the obstacle course, Junior begins to quickly lag behind on the first obstacle, a log with barb wires.

The second obstacle is to scale over a wall. Once Junior eventually climbs the wall, he rejoices, but realizes, to his horror, that he's not even close to being done with the course yet.

The third obstacle is a wooden pole slanted at an angle, which the students must run up.

The fourth obstacle is to climb a rope and touch the top of the structure. Junior slips and falls down, much to the dismay of the sergeant (while calling him Tubby McFatass). And as punishment for complaining about his hands burning (a common result of friction involving hands sliding down a rope) the sergeant squeezes hot sauce in his eyes (threatening to otherwise force him to watch Big Hero 6) in an effort to discipline him on complaints of pain.

The fifth obstacle is to move a huge rock to the other side of a massive field, then bring it right back and put it back in its original place.

The sixth obstacle is to crawl underneath a wooden plank with barbed wire underneath it.

The seventh obstacle is to jump over a few wooden poles.

The eighth obstacle is to jump up, grab a bar and pull up. The punishment for declining the test is get whipped. However, since a student is black, the consequence is change to getting hot sauce in your eyes.

The ninth and final obstacle is a field equipped with landmines. The students must run the field, hopefully survive, and then climb another rope on the other end of the field. During the chaotic performance of the obstacle, all of the students but Junior are killed by a landmine. Having survived the landmines and climbed the rope at the end, Junior is congratulated by the sergeant for clearing the course. However, after Junior asks for a break, the sergeant declines him this and reminds him that he must run the entire course another nine times (as the sergeant said they must run it ten times every day earlier on in the video).

Sometime later, Junior, exhausted, has finally run the course ten times, as he was supposed to: However, his work is not done yet. The sergeant leads Junior to his bathroom, where he shows him his disgusting toilet drenched in feces and urine. Junior is ordered to clean the entire toilet with a toothbrush to the point where the sergeant can eat a sandwich off of it and not puke.

Later, after the toilet is presumably cleaned, the sergeant tests out the toilet by putting a sandwich on it, then proceeds to eat it. However, the sergeant immediately pukes into a paper bag, revealed that Junior has failed the test.

The scene cuts to Junior tied to a pillar, where the sergeant shows him the DVD cover of "Big Hero 6", implying that he is now being forced to watch it as punishment for failing the toilet test.

The Scene Cuts to the apartment, where Chef Pee Pee hears a knock at the door. As he walks towards the door, he asks himself who it could possibly be. At this point, the episode ends, leaving a cliff hanger.



Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Teaser Screenshot

A preview of the movie's beginning from Cody's Revenge!

This video had roughly a 3-4 month production time, sparking an outrage among many of SML's fans. However, the fans were at fault, since Logan had to take time to make a high quality series. If Logan had provided the episode any earlier, the series would be very poor quality, and would not be exciting or entertaining.

Bowser Junior's Clown Car! was released on February 19, 2016, which teased of the possibility of an episode, though Logan had not confirmed that this would actually be made. On March 15, Cody's Revenge! confirmed that Bowser Junior would attend Military school. The episode became highly anticipated and Logan kept promising his fans that the Military School movie was in production. According to the update video on SuperLuigiLogan from June 2, Logan stated that he had to find a good place for filming, or else it would not be a well made video. Finally, On June 19, 2016, the episode was released, after teasers and updates from Logan on the SuperLuigiLogan channel and the Facebook account.


According to Junior Haters

Many praised the Bowser Junior torture porn. The SML Analyst liked the video, and felt it was worth the wait. He felt like it was a short but sweet video, but noted that this is typical in Part 1 videos. ZeCadaver gave the episode a A rating, saying the jokes were really funny and the action scenes, he also tells the viewers that if Junior come backs from Military School and he's sorry for all the bad things in the past, then he can forgive him, however, if Junior returns from Military School and is his same bratty self, then ZeCadaver will hold a grudge to Junior. Kushowa considered the episode to hilarious but wonders why Logan dislikes Big Hero 6.

According to Junior Fans

However, a lot of Bowser Junior fans violently panned this video because of the Bowser Junior torture, with this video causing the majority of Brooklyn T. Guy's negative reception, Nick Samon (EthanChap) didn't like it most of the part. He said that he didn't like the Brooklyn Guy torturing Bowser Junior. He said it's a lot worse than Cody's Revenge!Bowser Junior's Annoying Toy!Bowser Junior's Lemonade Stand! and The Button!, but not as bad as Bowser Junior's Punishment! and Bowser Junior Gets Potty Trained!. He also said that the video was made to ruin Bowser Junior's life. Even some Bowser Junior haters admitted that making Junior run through a mine field 10 times was going a little too far. SMLBowserJunior987, a user of this wiki, hated it as well, as he also likes Junior.

SuperAndrew418 said that this video is the reason why he REALLY hates Brooklyn Guy.

Receptionist Rating
ZeCadaver A


  • The beginning is identical to the opening of Cody's Revenge, but in a much faster process. The difference is In Cody's Revenge!, Junior was given a second chance.
  • This is the first time in which Bowser beats his son at the very beginning of an episode or film.
  • This Episode was age restricted
  • This has the most uncensored swearing than any other in SML history alongside Jeffy's Homework!, Chef Pee Pee's Lottery Ticket and Cool Cody!, although Jeffy's Homework! and Chef Pee Pee's Lottery Ticket has censored swearings.
  • This film was the most anticipated film in SML history, due to Logan's consistent use of hype.
  • This video was not technically released until 1:19 AM, June 19 CDT (Pensacola Time, Logan's home), however YouTube will show the upload date as June 18, as YouTube is in California.
  • The Brooklyn Guy wore different military clothes than the ones he wore in Cody's Revenge!.
  • There were 34 swear words said here surpassing Jeffy's Homework! with 27 swearing's. although Jeffy's Homework! has censored swearings, but the ones here were all intentionally uncensored.
  • The Brooklyn Guy references the fact that he is a puppet controlled by a human hand by saying to Junior, "I'm gonna shove my hand so far up your ass and use you as a puppet", in reference to that most puppets do not have actual rear end.
  • Brooklyn T Guy may be Does Bad Things Guy.
  • This is the first and only proper appearance of The Three Military School Students.


  • the whole video may be a reference to Stanley Kubricks 1987 film Full Metal Jacket
  • When the Brooklyn Guy calls Junior "Tubby McFatass" it is a reference to Teletubbies.


  • For ten hours, part of the title has a lower-case /j/ making the title to be "SML Movie: Bowser junior Goes To Military School!" however it was fixed to be "SML Movie: Bowser Junior Goes To Military School!".
  • After Junior ran through the field filled with land mines, the sergeant indicates that all of the students except Junior died, but there are only two bodies shown, while the other one is not shown.