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Bowser Junior Goes To The Sun! is the 224th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior is invited by NASA to be the first person to land on the sun!


The video starts with Bowser Junior watching the Space channel, until he heard that if he makes a really good space video, NASA will see if the video is good and it will appear on the network's next episode. When Junior finally finishes (which is about Junior landing on the Sun in Lego), Joseph and Cody come to visit by (since they were around the neighborhood). Junior explains to his friends about the contest until Cody gets mad and says once again that the Sun is a Star, and both Joseph and Junior argue with Cody.

When Joseph and Cody watch the end of the video, Joseph said "it was genius," but Cody on the other hand went against it, and requested Junior to play it again so he can voice over it. After Cody's version of the video, Joseph and Junior stated it's depressing so that made Cody leave. After a few minutes, Brooklyn T. Guy, who was representing NASA, came to Junior's house, saying that he won the video contest. After entering the house, Brooklyn Guy agreed with Junior's theory that the Sun is round like a planet so that makes it a planet.

Then, Brooklyn Guy said that NASA will give Junior a space shuttle so he can prove once and for all that Sun is a planet. After naming the Space Shuttle Octopus, Brooklyn Guy said that he will be waiting in Cape Canaveral. After the talk with NASA, Cody came back and Junior rubbed in his face that NASA gave Junior a space shuttle so he can get to the Sun. Junior then asked his friends to leave so he can reflect before going to the Sun.

After these events, Goodman appears in the News, informing about Junior going to the Sun, and questioning the fact that the Sun is either a star or a planet. Junior is saying his good-byes (did not go well with Cody) to his friends. Then, the scene cuts to Cape Canaveral with Junior in the space shuttle preparing to take off to the Sun. After some time, Junior leaves the atmosphere and heads toward the Sun. Junior is finally about to land on the sun, but then he just kind of explodes. In conference, the Brooklyn T. Guy tells the viewers that it turns out that the original plan was to get Bowser Junior off Earth since his quote was "The Sun is a planet", Brooklyn Guy thought that it was the stupidest thing he had ever heard, so he decided to send Junior to the Sun to kill him and get him out of existence.



  • In his reaction video, Logan says that he used more than $1000 on NASA Stock footage.
  • This is the 12th time Bowser Junior dies in an SML video.
  • The video is not the end of using the sun is a planet joke, as Bowser Junior does this in future episodes.
  • Although unconfirmed by Logan, the episode is likely a 800,000 subscriber special.
  • This episode reveals that Junior has some skill in creating and editing professional quality videos.
  • The Lego Space Shuttle from The Christmas Special! and Bowser Junior's Credit Card! is used once more.
  • Cody is at his angriest point in this episode.
  • The ground loop for the Space Shuttle launch is the voice of Steve Nesbitt, Public Affairs Officer for NASA in the 1980s, during the launch of the first Space Shuttle mission, STS-1, on April 12, 1981.
  • The launch of Octopus is a combination of both actual footage of a shuttle launch and CGI animation, created by Logan.
  • If you look closely, the letter says this:
    • "Dear Junior, after a thorough examination of your video of the Sun being a planet, the astronauts and scientists here at NASA feel that you are on to something. We have conducted numerous astronomical experiments and we found that it plausible for an individual to travel to the Sun. We found this data to be so outstanding that we would like to offer you the only position aboard the first space shuttle as it makes it's first journey to the Sun. Congratulations on your findings. Thank you, Best Regards, NASA Man


  • In real life, the Space Shuttle was not designed to leave low Earth orbit.
  • The Space Shuttle Orbiters and Space Shuttle Program ceased operations in 2011.
  • It would not have been possible for NASA to send Junior into deep space in any way, since NASA's next manned spacecraft, the Orion MPCV, is not scheduled to fly manned until 2021 because of testing, and the only other operational manned spacecraft are the Russian Soyuz (which only flies to the International Space Station, and belongs to a nation whose relations with the United States have been deteriorating since 2014, (although Russia claims they will try and restore relations with the United States, as Donald Trump won the election.) and the Chinese Shenzhou (which is used only by the Chinese, a nation not on good terms with the United States due to differing political systems, and Donald Trump wants to put a 45% tariff on all goods from China, which surely will not help.). However Obama was still president at the time, so all of this might just be strange. Who knows? Nobody knows.
  • Launch Complex 39A (seen in the Space Shuttle Octopus launch footage) is currently used by SpaceX for the Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9 rocket launches.


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