Bowser Junior Learns Karate! is the 206th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior meets a Bully on the Playground! He wants to learn Karate to defend himself!


Junior is playing with his Golden Thomas toy when a bully named Bully Bill takes it. Bowser Junior cries and demand to give his Thomas back but Bully Bill beat him so he went running to his dad. Bowser is watching Charleyyy and friends and Junior came interrupting. Bowser hits him saying that he should be a man and stand up to the bully. Bowser also said to get revenge on him but Junior doesn't know how so Bowser show him. Then he got beat up covered in cast by Bully Bill and Banzai Bill. Bowser then made up excuse saying that he can no way beat a bullet with a face. Then they call the cop and the cop end up getting beaten. Brooklyn T Guy also made excuses on him being a bullet with a face and Junior ask the cop how he can get his Golden Thomas back. Brooklyn T Guy told him that he can learn karate to self-defense on Billy Bill and Junior accepts it. Junior tells him to teach him to break stuff and Bowser wants to learn how to break someones neck off and Jackie Chu told him to wait till advance class. Junior and Bowser really wants to learn and Jackie Chu shows Junior and Bowser Jackie Twu who has 2 PHD at the age of 5. Jackie Twu said to bow to your sensai and he knock Junior which hurts. Jackie Chu said that this means they both have a lot to learn. The first assignment is to break a real wood in half. The wood is place by some blocks. Junior trying breaking it but his hands hurt really bad. Bowser said Junior's weak and try it but hurt his hand too. Bowser thinks the wood is actually steel and Jackie Chu said it is real wood from home depot. Bowser denies Jackie Chu could do it but Jackie Chu manage to break the wood with ease. Bowser said that he must be a robot and quit learning cause he have no time to learn and because he broke him hand. Junior on the contrast, is really excited to learn about karate. So he stays. The next task is catching a fry which is the fly. Jackie Chu catch it but Junior have trouble doing it. Jackie Chu told him to make obnoxious noise so he did. Jackie Chu said Junior is starting to learn. A montage came. Here are what is shown in the montage and whether Junior pass it or not.

  • Bowing to Sensei: failed
  • Breaking wood: failed
  • Blocking punches: failed
  • Breaking wood: failed 2x
  • Catching fly: failed
  • Breaking wood: passed

Junior got the yellow belt

  • Blocking Punches: passed a couple, failed the rest
  • Bowing to Sensai: slightly failed
  • Breaking woods: passed

Junior got the green belt

  • Resisting Eggroll: passed
  • Bowing Sensai: passed
  • Blocking Punches: Failed
  • Breaking woods: passes

Junior got the blue belt

  • Catching fly: Almost passed
  • Blocking punches: Passed
  • Breaking wood: passed

Junior got the red belt

  • Bowing to Sensai: passed
  • Blocking punches: passed
  • Resisting Eggroll: passed
  • Catching the fly: passed
  • Breaking woods: passed

Junior got the black belt now and is ready to defeat the bully.

He arrive at the park and Bully Bill tries to tease him. Junior said not this time in Chinese and lands the first attack, only to end up missing and Bully Bill beats him. He then grab a chopstick and poke his eyes with it. The videos ends with Junior happy that he got his Thomas back.



Cultural References

  • Jackie Chu's lesson of catching the fly with chopsticks is a reference of Ryan Higa's "How to be Ninja."


  • The person who should have trained Junior karate should have been a new Japanese character since Jackie Chu is Chinese, and karate is a Japanese sport.
  • It was unknown why Bowser Junior didn't remember Jackie Chu even though they met in Bowser Junior's Summer School. Same goes for Bowser who also met him in Bowser's Chinese Food.
  • At the end of the video, the F word is uncensored.
  • It is revealed that Bowser is very weak in this episode, which is presumably wrong because he is shown to be violent in some videos as he is responsible for bossing Chef Pee Pee and beating Bowser Junior. It's possible that either the board is the only thing he cannot break or he's out of practice.
  • In the end, Junior says "Not this time." in Mandarin Chinese. However, Karate is Japanese so he should be saying it in Japanese, which is 今回ではない (Konkaide wanai).
  • The belts that Bowser Junior got were in the wrong order.
    • They were given to him in this order:
      • White.,
      • Yellow. 
      • Green.
      • Blue.
      • Red.
      • Black.
    • This is actually the order for Tae-Kwon-Do belts. The karate belt order is actually
      • White. 
      • Yellow.
      • Camero.
      • Green.
      • Purple.
      • Blue
      • Red.
      • Brown. 
      • Black. 
    • This may be because Logan does not have the Camero, Purple and Brown belts, or those colors were skipped in the montage.