Bowser Junior Learns Karate! is the 206th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior meets a Bully on the Playground! He wants to learn Karate to defend himself!


Bowser Junior is playing with his Golden Thomas toy when a bully named Bully Bill takes it. Bowser and the Brooklyn Guy try to help but they get beat up too. Bowser and Bowser Junior decide to learn Karate. The teacher is Jackie Chu. They also learn how to use chopsticks. Bowser fails but Junior ends up becoming a black belt. Bowser Junior then goes to the playground again but Bully Bill starts beating him up. Junior stabs Bully Bill in the eyes with chopsticks and takes his toy back.



Bowser Junior's Learns Karate recieved positive reviews from viewers. 


Cultural References

  • Jackie Chu's lesson of catching the fly with chopsticks is a reference of Ryan Higa's "How to be Ninja."


  • The person who should have trained Junior karate should have been a new Japanese character since Jackie Chu is Chinese, and karate is a Japanese sport.
  • It was unknown why Bowser Junior didn't remember Jackie Chu even though they met in Bowser Junior's Summer School. Same goes for Bowser who also met him in Bowser's Chinese Food.
  • At the end of the video, the F word is uncensored.
  • It is revealed that Bowser is very weak in this episode, which is presumably wrong because he is shown to be violent in some videos as he is responsible for bossing Chef Pee Pee and beating Bowser Junior. It's possible that either the board is the only thing he cannot break or he's out of practice.
  • In the end, Junior says "Not this time." in Mandarin Chinese. However, Karate is Japanese so he should be saying it in Japanese, which is 今回ではない (Konkaide wanai).
  • The belts that Bowser Junior got were in the wrong order.
    • They were given to him in this order:
      • White.,
      • Yellow. 
      • Green.
      • Blue.
      • Red.
      • Black.
    • This is actually the order for Tae-Kwon-Do belts. The karate belt order is actually
      • White. 
      • Yellow.
      • Camero.
      • Green.
      • Purple.
      • Blue
      • Red.
      • Brown. 
      • Black. 
    • This may be because Logan does not have the Camero, Purple and Brown belts, or those colors were skipped in the montage.

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