Bowser Loses A Tooth! is the 141st video of SML Movies.


Bowser bites into an apple and cause a tooth to break!


Bowser is seen laughing and watching Charleyyy and Friends, Charleyyy was riding a bike in a store (presumably Walmart). When Bowser Junior told him that he, Chef Pee Pee, and his friends (Joseph and Cody) came back from Disney World, Bowser Junior came to Bowser's room. Bowser Junior told him that he came back from Disney World, At first Bowser didn't care but started paying attention when Junior mentioned Disney World, when Bowser Junior told Bowser this, Bowser said "What!!!" and asked how they can afford going to Disney World then Bowser Junior said they got the knife from the Doofy The Dragon Doofy O's cereal contest. Then Bowser said "What!!!" again. Bowser Junior gave him a snow globe that he got from Disney World that says Mickey Mouse 2015 But Muttered "Even though he does Drugs". And while Junior ask his dad if he really didn't know that they went to Disney World, Bowser says that he was "Starving To Death" and said that he is hungry right Now, So Bowser asks for a Apple as he is "Trying to get a Little Healthier" But when Junior said that he'll ask Chef Pee Pee for a Apple but got Stopped By Bowser who said that Junior is old enough to not have Chef Pee Pee's help, So then Bowser Junior needs to get it for him Failing to See The Fruit Bowl/Apple Bowl behind The Counter and Opened a Cupboard filled with Books even After "The Kids" Told him the Bowl was behind The Counter, Then he got a red apple. But Bowser thought Junior was mocking him and it reminded him of Mario and It brought Sins into The World and If Adam And Eve have ate it there won't be any Sin while Craig The Devil said that it was True. So Bowser Junior got a green apple/Granny Smith Apple, Bowser liked the apple. When he finally Bit on it, his tooth broke And He was Howling with Pain when Junior Called Doctor Brooklyn Guy and Told him that His Permanent Teeth is Going to Grow Back while He begin To sleep for The Tooth Fairy while Junior complained to Chef Pee Pee and ask Why he doesn't have Teeth and When Chef Pee Pee said that if you want Teeth you have to take someone else's teeth when he didn't actually mean it and Began plotting something while saying "Wait, Bowser still believe in The Tooth Fairy? I can totally Mess with Him!" Bowser Junior Then Decide to Knock out Cody's Teeth, He "Invited" Cody over While The Camera zoomed onto Cody's Teeth, Bowser Junior Then Tried 2 Times to knock out his Teeth First Slamming The Front Door in His Face and Asking did And then he "Tripped" and smashed Cody into the walls while asking him Where Is Ken and Then asking If his Teeth is out while Cody begin to Ask why he is asking if his teeth is falling out, Junior later said that they will play with a Hammer while Cody ask why couldn't they play a Regular game Like Trains But Junior said that they are "Grown-ups Now" and ask Cody if he heard about The New "Game" Everybody's Playing called "Catch a Hammer With Your Mouth" and Git his attention when Junior added that if you play it it'll "Make you The Coolest Kid Ever" and Junior later knocked both of Cody's teeth out and Made a excuse saying "Uhh, I just saw on The Discovery Channel that if you lost your teeth you have to get out of my House and Threw Cody out while putting Cody's Fang under his Pillow while saying "I smell Moneys from these teeth!" And went to Sleep, Later that Night Chef Pee Pee (Disguised as The Tooth Fairy) Woke up Bowser by hitting him in the head with his Wand and Told him that if you keep being Mean to Chef Pee Pee all of your teeth will fall out and he won't be able to eat anything and told him not to even raise his voice when he talk and gave Bowser $25 While "Flying Away" While Bowser says to himself that he will keep being Mean to Chef Pee Pee as he says that "If his teeth falls out he'll get more money and that "The police officer guy" Says that it'll grow back!" And that it was The Best of Both Worlds, while in Junior's room it showed that Mr. Winkle (In a Tooth Fairy Costume) is By Junior's bed while quietly whispering/muttering "Ohhhh, That's Hot."



  • While Bowser claims to be 312 years old in this video, in Bowser Junior's Pool Party he claims to be in his 40's, and in Bowser's Drivers License he claims to be in his 30's. It's possible that the video might be non-canon or he probably must have forgotten his age in between videos.
  • This is the 4th time in which Chef Pee Pee disguise himself to please someone else. The 1st being Bowser's Christmas Problem, the 2nd being Mother's Day, and the 3rd being Mario's Beautiful Date.
  • David Winkle is back from being arrested, making his first appearance since Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 3.
  • If you look closely you can tell that the Bowser plush has lighter skin than previous videos, because a stunt double was used.
  • Bowser said that the red apple reminds him of Mario, but for some reason, the green apple didn't remind him of Luigi. It's possible that he forgot about him or it's because his face and his shell are green.
  • Chef Pee Pee breaks the fourth wall in this episode.


  • Despite Bowser claiming he didn't know Bowser Junior went to Disney World, Chef Pee Pee said that one of the reasons they needed to go home was because Bowser missed his son. So it's possible Chef Pee Pee didn't tell Bowser of where they really went.
  • Bowser should have known that Bowser Junior and Chef Pee Pee went to Disney World since they didn't answer them and he sometimes walks to the kitchen or the living room to check.
  • Even though Bowser Junior didn't know who the tooth fairy is, he mentioned it in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 2.
  • Margaret, Bowser's mother is said to be born in 1815, which was 200 years ago, but Bowser claims that he is 312. Which is impossible and illogical because the parents of a child have to be older.
  • When Bowser eats the green apple the danger music didnt play.


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