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Boy You Know You Gotta Get an A is a song sung by Toad in the SML Movie, Bowser Junior's Homework. This song was user for the point of it was to teach Junior how to pass his homework, but since Toad is an idiot, so he says a bunch of Chris The Cucumber-like "facts."


  • Boy you know you gotta get an A.
  • You gotta study,
  • These teachers don't play!
  • Boy you know you gotta get an A.
  • Just listen to me.
  • And you'll be okay!
  • Before you do your work.
  • You better have your utensils. (what)
  • Spoons, forks, and a number 2 pencil! (okay!)
  • Spelling is way too easy. (Easy!)
  • C A T that spells DUCK. (WHAT?)
  • Ching-Chong-Ching.
  • look at my bling! (look at it!)
  • grab a ruler and measure my thing!
  • I don't have a nose but I'm about to sneeze. (Achoo!)
  • I just ordered hot dogs in Japanese!(Konichiwa (means hello in Japanese))
  • George Washington cut down a tree,
  • And freed the slaves and discovered the sea!
  • Astronomy, That's the study of plants.
  • Sunflowers, Bugs and Ants! (eww!)
  • 2+2 that equals SHOE!
  • The square root of pi.
  • Is green or blue?
  • You're starting to learn.
  • Boy look at you!
  • Calculus,
  • Wait, what? I'm sorry, I don't really know this...

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