Bubbles (Lovell Stanton)  is the newer version of the Bubbles Dunlop from the first season. He is a prisoner in Officer Goodman's Jail, and tries to sexually take advantage of men who are imprisoned there, such as Mario and Toad. He was charged with rape, aggrovated rape, claims rape, date rape, and police officer rape.


Bubbles is a relatively tall, muscular man with wide eyes. He wears a white tank top and short pants.

Rape Victims


Bubbles is a perverted rapist who always seems to find his way out of jail. He is a homosexual, and has raped several of the main characters and other characters of SuperMarioLogan. He isn't afraid to lie in order to achieve his rape, as he manipulated Toad on several occasions. He also really hates drugs, as mentioned in Bowser Junior's Summer School.


  • In earlier episodes, Bubbles appeared as Wario.
  • Even if he rapes others, he got raped by Mama Luigi


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