Burglar Paul (Also known as Larry in Home Alone 2) is the secondary antagonist of the Home Alone SML Videos Home Alone And Home Alone 2 and the tetiary antagonist of The Purge. he is one of the burglars who tried to rob Bowser Junior in Home Alone. He was killed because Bowser Junior lured him in the kitchen with Cheez-Its. It led him to the oven. He then sees a watch and a wallet. When he grabs the two items, Bowser Junior closes the oven door oven on him, which burns him to death. after that he gets hit in the head. then he was hanged to death

His accent is a mixture of North Cockney and British Midlands.


  • He is currently voiced by Lance.
  • He says his codename is "Paul McCartney" (Beatles reference from the ex-Beatle)
  • He is recycled from the Brooklyn T. Guy's Son puppet.
  • He is actually Simmons Because he kept saying Mate! in Turkey Tyranny!

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