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Charleyyy And Friends: The Video Game
The start screen!


Laugh Box TV


NA: August 28, 2014


ESRB: Mature (M)


PlayStation 3

Charleyyy and Friends: The Video Game is a fictional video game that is based on Bowser's favorite T.V. show, Charleyyy and Friends. The gameplay mainly consists of Charleyyy exploring his surrounding as the game is free play. It is rated M for containing blood and gore, intense violence, strong language, mature humour, nudity, strong sexual content, and use of drugs and alcohol. Although none of these were shown in the video other than nudity with the naked outfit option.


The video game is a open world game and similar to GTA in which you can drive (Although there is a gas meter to make the game more realistic), and interact with items like breakfast. However, there is a health bar in the form of hearts. When Charleyyy gets hurt, half of a heart is depleted. The game also tracks how many coins you collect.

Role in Bowser's Video Game

In Bowser's Video Game, the plot is about Bowser hearing about the game and orders Chef Pee Pee to buy it for him, which took 6 hours since the game is very popular. Bowser woke up Charleyyy by shouting and washed Charleyyy's face, brushed his teeth, and changed his shirt after 3 fails. Charleyyy ate cereal while choosing if he should use Clorox or Party Sized Doritos. He checked the mail later and got a coin, but there isn't any mail so he lost half a heart. He tried to get him in the car, but hurt him so much he only got half a heart. And when he ran out of gas, he died and get a game over. Junior beat the game in 10 minutes which made Bowser very mad while Junior said it was for 5 year olds.