The theme song for Charleyyy and Friends. It first appeared in Bowser's Biggest Fear and in later SML videos.

It's exact origin is uncertain, but Logan likely based it off of Robert W. Fredere's Boogie Beat. Although it was officially uploaded to YouTube on May 25, 2016, Logan had been using it for many years theretofore.


Time for Charleyyy!

Who likes Charleyyy?

We like Charleyyy!

Everybody loves some Charleyyy!

Who's got Charleyyy?

Where's Charleyyy?

There's Charleyyy!

He's got everything that you need,

He likes to eat food and... stuff.

But Charleyyy, he's- he's awesome,

Here's the Charleyyy and Friends show!


(Charleyyy and Friends was filmed in front of a live audience.)