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Chef Peepee

Chef PeePee the poor chef

IFor the clone see, Chef PooPoo.

Chef Pee Pee is a foul-mouthed chef and is a major character in the SuperMarioLogan series who serves as a protagonist and works for Bowser as an enslaved chef. He cooks mostly for Bowser and Bowser Jr., due to them forcing him (with an occasional exception for Mario, Shrek, and Black Yoshi). He has also completed odd jobs for Bowser, such as babysiting his son and organizing his son's birthday.

With his harsh, violent, and profane attitude, he has conflicts with a lot of characters (including animals who are cooked into his sometimes mysterious dishes). In Koopa's New Job, his first apperance, he spoke less harshly and seemed to enjoy cooking (contrary to present day appearances). He also started out with an Italian accent, but his accent now sounds much more American. Chef Pee Pee is in a 20 year slave deal with Bowser. Chef Pee Pee hates being a chef slave, although he puts up with his job. He is a prince, being the son of King Strongbottom according to Chef Pee Pee's Family. Chef Pee Pee originally believed that his father was a drunken pirate.




  • Chef PeePee has similarities to Total Drama co-star Chef Hatchet.
  • His father is a king.
  • Starting with "The Fly", Chef Pee Pee's clothes now has the words "Chef PeePee" on the left, near his arm, however, in the episode "Chef PeePee's Birthday" he is seen given the clothes by Chakie Chu, this might mean that Chef PeePees birthday might have been made before The Fly.
  • He was Bowser Jr.'s show and tell at summer school.
  • Most SML fans aren't fond of Chef PeePee because in recent years, he has been getting a TON of episodes and fans want to see more variety.
  • In his early apperances, his accent was more Italian and he was retarded but in his newer appearances, his accent is more understandable and he is smarter.
  • He is considered a serial killer since he kills a lot of characters and cooks them.
  • Despite hating cooking for Bowser, he once saved him when he found him hanging from a rope (the reason for him doing this was because Charleyyy and Friends was cancelled) in the bathroom.
  • Although Toad used to be the unlucky person of SML, Chef PeePee now is shown to have the worst life, because Toad deserves it, but not him.

Puppet InfoEdit

Quotes Edit

  • You silly goose!
  • Ooh, you slippery dog, you!
  • Get in there! Get in there, you nasty!
  • Bake! Bake! Bake!
  • Come on now!
  • Are you serious?!
  • F**k You!
  • But Bowserrrrrrrr!!!!!!!
  • Happy Birthday to the Bastard x3 Eat your F*cking Cake.
  • I can't believe i'm getting a ticket over you, why don't you buckle up?
  • But Bowser Its 2:00 in the morning and i'm tired.
  • Are you gay or something, who likes Bunny Rabbits?!
  • Okay shut up you little (bleep)
  • Listen here you little fart bag
  • You stupid F**king mushroom w**re
  • Penguin pie! Penguin pie!
  • Drink up your milkshake like your beg for
  • Its not even Mother's Day
  • It's not my birthday Toad it's not my birthday
  • I'm a F**king Millionaire
  • HOLD ON! You went and bought a F**king video game!!
  • I swear your the most retarded thing I've ever seen(to toad)
  • Slick bastard...
  • Can I get a chicken nugget happy meal WITH A TOY for this little bastard please!!?
  • Im calling the fucking police im just done with this!
  • What the hell is that!!
  • You didnt mean to fail you were playing ding dong ditch. What ya mean?
  • No how about on
  • What do you want junior?
  • I don't give a damn about the freakin fly ok
  • All those tickets and all you got was on stupid ball?
  • Refrigerator? Why not?
  • Bowser I hid them all
  • youve been watching too many cartoons bowser
  • F**K OFF BOWSER, YOU UGLY STUPID PIG! (his last words before getting killed and eaten by Allias)


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