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Chef P.P
Chief pee pee from super mario logan


Black Yoshi, Woody, Cody,Luigi, Mario, Tony Bowser (sometime) Bowser Jr. (sometime) Joseph Toad


Chris the Cucumber, The Rat, Bowser, Bowser Jr. Jackie Chu (one side), Tyress, Chef PooPoo, Mine! Bird

First Appearance

SML Short : Koopa's New Job

Latest Appearance:

Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 2

Portrayed and Voiced by:

Lovell Stanton


King Strongbottom, Stacy, unnamed sister, Carlos





Chef PeePee is Bowser's chef to cook and clean at Bowser's house.

Appearances Edit


  • Chef Pee Pee has similarities to Total Drama co-star Chef Hatchet.
  • His father is a King
  • Starting with "The Fly", Chef Pee Pee's clothes now has the words "Chef PeePee" on the left, near his arm, however, in the episode "Chef PeePee's Birthday" he is seen given the clothes by Jackie Chu, this might mean that Chef Pee Pee's birthday might have been made before The Fly.
  • He Was Bowser Jr.'s show and tell at summer school.
  • Most Super Mario Logan fans aren't fond of Chef Pee Pee because in recent years, he has been getting a TON of episodes and fans want to see more variety.
  • In His Early Appearances, his accent was more Italian and he was retarded but in his newer appearances, his accent is more understandable and he is smarter.
  • He is considered a serial killer since he kills a lot of characters and cooks them.
  • Despite hating cooking for Bowser, he once saved him when he found him hanging from a rope (the reason for him doing this was because Charleyyy and Friends was cancelled) in the bathroom.
  • Although Toad used to be the unlucky person of SML, Chef Pee Pee now is shown to have the worst life, because Toad deserves it, but not him.
  • Chef Pee Pee has had a fear of ferris wheels since he was three years old, as revealed in "Bowser Junior Goes To The Fair", but he doesn't like to talk about it, saying it is really "tragic." 
  • He owns a dead Magikarp, Snorlax, Psyduck
  • He's a gym leader in SuperMarioLogan's Pokemon series

Puppet InfoEdit

  • My Name is Chef PeePee, Not Penis! (in SML Move: Mine!)


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