Chef Pee Pee's Birthday is the 47th video of SML Movies.


It is Chef Pee Pee's birthday!


It's finally Chef Pee Pee's birthday but things do not go as expected. He gets an already eaten "birthday cake" (actually a zebra cake), and a mother's day balloon. Chef Pee Pee is also infuriated because Bowser Junior spent all of his birthday money on "Watch Dogs," when he was supposed to get him balloons, cake, and candles. The gifts he gets from Bowser and Junior are a black spatula, The Ugly Red One (which Junior got back), and a stripping Toad that sings Happy Birthday to him for only a short time. Angry from this, Chef Pee Pee tells Bowser Junior and Bowser that to not talk to him for the rest of the year. He then goes to the Pirate Guy and he thinks that he's 18 but Chef Pee Pee is actually 24 years old. The Pirate Guy also told Chef Pee Pee that he needed more liquor because he was happy that he didn't have to pay his mother any more child support.

Chef Pee Pee then starts crying that nobody loves him, and then Jackie Chu comes in and asks him why he is crying and Chef Pee Pee answers that everybody is ruining his birthday. To cheer him up, Jackie Chu gives him a shirt with Chef Pee Pee's name on it which Chef Pee Pee likes, he also said that he made his birthday a little better. Jackie Chu then asks him if he wants to come up with a name for his newborn baby in which he hopes it's not a girl and Chef Pee Pee agrees to do it. They throw it and after it makes a ching-chong sound, Jackie Chu picks it up to come up with a middle name and the episode ends.



  • This episode shows that Bowser and his son are very greedy and selfish.
  • It is revealed that Jackie Chu is having another baby.
  • Jackie Chu seemed to be nice to Chef Pee Pee, as he gave him a shirt with his name on it. While in Bowser's Chinese Food and The Fly, he called Chef Pee Pee "dumb".


  • In the thumbnail, the candles in the cake spell "Birthday Happy" instead of "Happy Birthday."
  • Chef Pee Pee already had a shirt with his name prior to the events of this episode.