"Chef Pee Pee's Birthday Surprise!" is the 226th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior and his friends throw Chef Pee Pee a surprise birthday party!


The video starts off with Bowser waking up Chef Pee Pee and Bowser does not remember his birthday. Bowser Junior wets the bed and no one cares about his birthday. Bowser Junior also tells Chef Pee Pee to make Mac and Cheese. Bowser Junior's friends come and Cody rants about their clothes. They ask if Chef Pee Pee can put bacon in it but Cody says he can't eat pork as he is Jewish.

But Joseph and Junior makes a Cody's mom Joke and thinks that Jew is an illness. Bowser Junior overhears that it's Chef Pee Pee's birthday and how everyone is being mean to him. Bowser Junior tells his friends but thinks that Chef Pee Pee is 60 years old. They decide to throw a surprise birthday party. Bowser Junior tells Chef Pee Pee Chompy had puppies and locks him in the closet.

Junior tells his friends and Toad comes. Bowser Junior and Cody bet that Chef Pee Pee will say, "THIS THE DANKEST PARTY EVER!" for $20. Toad and Junior make a cake in a Thomas pan but they:

  • Skip vegetable oil
  • Crack eggs with eggshell
  • And put the cake mix, including the box.

Toad says that he will also make cupcakes. Meanwhile, Joseph is decorating, but there are balloons that say "Garage Sale". Cody can't make animal balloons and Junior punches Cody because he didn't have a red Clown nose. Toad gets the cake but it looks broken. Toad says he will put icing on it but he drops the cupcakes and Toad tries to fix the situation by putting the dropped cupcakes back into the cupcake tray.

Meanwhile, Joseph makes a Play-Doh Chef Pee Pee and a cupcake stand. Cody keeps on failing to blow balloons. Joseph then hangs up a Dinosaur piñata. Cody shows his pear that he made out of Play-Doh. Junior checks on the cake and it looks amazing.

Junior says they will bring the cake and the cupcakes to the living room and turn off the lights and yell surprise. Chef Pee Pee gets out, but beats Junior. Chef Pee Pee gets blindfolded and they all yell, "Surprise!" at Chef Pee Pee. Chef Pee Pee says "This is the dankest party ever!" and Junior wins. Bowser Junior bets that when Chef Pee Pee looks at the cake he will says, "Trick-or-treat! Smell my feet! Gimme something good to eat!", which he does say.

However, Chef Pee Pee wonders why a Hitler mustache is on the cake. Chef Pee Pee notices the cupcakes and they open presents. Junior gives him Rapid Cooking Equipment and a Thomas Track set. Joseph gives Chef Pee Pee a skateboard and while Chef Pee Pee opens it Junior bets Cody when he opens the present he will say "Ravioli Ravioli Give me the formuoli" (SpongeBob reference). Cody almost doesn't bet but realizes it makes no sense then accepts the bet.

Chef Pee Pee says "Well, Ravioli Ravioli Give me the formuoli" and Cody owes Junior 20 more dollars. Then Chef Pee Pee pins the smokestack on Thomas. While he does though Junior tries to bet Cody but Cody just doesn't accept. When Chef Pee wins at pinning the smokestack on Thomas, he says "Well, pierce my nipple or call me Donald Trump!" That was what Junior was going to say and he would've won 20 more dollars from Cody.

They go to cut the cake but Chef Pee Pee is not 60. Toad does a sexy birthday song. Chef Pee Pee wishes for pears and actually a pear appears. Chef Pee Pee says he likes his birthday and Cody fails at blowing a balloon which causes him to say DAMMIT!



  • This episode reveals Chef Pee Pee's birthday is on July 27.
    • It is revealed that Chef Pee Pee is 26 years old.
    • Which, coincidentally, means he is as old as the Mario Bros.
  • This episode was released only one day after the 5 year anniversary of Koopa's New Job, which was Chef Pee Pee's very first appearance in SML. The events of that episode took place only one day before Chef Pee Pee's 21st Birthday.
  • This video had actually been originally announced at the end of Shrek's Diet! in May 2015, but was not produced for more than a year.
  • This video is the most coincidental, due to the gag of Junior guessing everything Chef Pee Pee says.
  • This was Chef Pee Pee's first appearance since Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Part 2, ending what was one of his longest absences since becoming a main character.
  • Chef Pee Pee could have been hearing Junior making bets with Cody and said the quotes on purpose.
  • Thomas having a Hitler mustache is a reference to Bowser Junior's 7th Birthday!, when Thomas said "Go Hitler!"
  • The Dinosaur piñata from Bowser Junior's 6th Birthday is seen, but it wasn't used in the video.
  • Running Gag: Junior and Cody making bets that Chef Pee Pee will say something ridiculous in response to the many parts of the party. He does, and Cody angrily asks who says that.
  • Also a Running Gag: Cody tries to make a giant pear-shaped balloon, but as soon as it pops, he shouts "DAMN IT!"
  • This video was released 5 years after Toad's New Ball.
  • Logan stated that this video is a make up video from Jeffy's Bad Word!
  • Chef Pee Pee's birthday is on the same day as Bugs Bunny from the looney tunes show.
  • The quote "Ravioli Ravioli, give me the formuoli!" was from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Imitation Krabs".
  • When Junior said that Chompy gave birth in the closet, it was a reference when Chilly's dog had puppies on her birthday in the closet.

Cultural References

  • When Junior said that Chompy had 101 puppies and said they were going to make a movie about it, he was making a reference to Walt Disney's 1961 Movie, "101 Dalmatians."


  • This episode is out of order because Chef Pee Pee's Birthday was released on the 1st of June. However, it is possible that Chef Pee Pee's birthday falls on a different day every year, just like Junior's does, or that it took place two months prior to its release.
  • While Toad sings "Happy Birthday" to Chef Pee Pee, he takes off his shirt, but in the next shot after Chef Pee Pee makes a wish for having pears, he is fully clothed again.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Junior says "Come on guys, lets play toys inside!" and Joseph and Cody agree, but when they enter the apartment, Junior says "So what do you guys want to do today?" and Joseph and Cody say "I don't know". This might have an explanation: Logan filmed the couch scene first, but then later in filming, decided to have Joseph and Cody come at the front door, and this audio error just slipped past editing.