Chef Pee Pee's Clone is the 54th video of SML Movies.


Junior finds out that the toaster can not only toast things, but clone things too! So Junior clones Chef Pee Pee!


Bowser Junior asks Chef Pee Pee for toast, just simple toast. Chef Pee Pee is about to put bread in the toaster, but his tummy hurts so he leaves for the bathroom.

Junior tries to make the toast himself, so he presses a random button, which clones the bread. Junior clones other things like his toy train and his coloring book.

Chef Pee Pee comes back and Junior tricks him into going into the toaster and clones him. Chef Pee Pee gets mad and calls the police. When Bowser sees Chef Poo Poo (Chef Pee Pee's clone) in the kitchen, he thinks it's Chef Pee Pee being naked in the kitchen and leaves to get a belt.

Junior and Chef Poo Poo go to Junior's room so they can have a party with Junior's toys. Then Chef Pee Pee goes into the kitchen (while still calling the police), and Bowser comes back and whips Chef Pee Pee with the belt.

Meanwhile, in Junior's toy room, Junior and Chef Poo Poo were playing with toys. While playing giraffes Chef Poo Poo accidentally knocks over one of Junior's giraffes. Chef Poo Poo then cries while Junior Explained to him that he just knocked it down. Chef Poo Poo Then decides that Junior and him should be friends forever. They both cheer as the video ends.


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  • This episode marks the first appearance of Chef Poo Poo.
  • The 2 Thomas clones were later seen in Bowser Junior's Sickness.
  • This is the first time in a while Logan has not uploaded a video in a week or more.


  • The word "Clone" is not capitalized in the thumbnail.
  • When Chef Poo Poo first comes out of the oven, he's facing one direction, but as soon as it cuts, he's facing another direction all of the sudden.
  • This video is labeled an SML Movie, despite being the length of an SML Short.