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Chef Pee Pee's Lottery Ticket is the 50th video of SML Movies.


Chef Pee Pee finds a lottery ticket on the ground, and it is a winning ticket!


Chef Pee Pee is tired of doing work from Bowser. Just as he starts to relax, Bowser comes in to inspect the kitchen. He gives Chef Pee Pee more work by giving him another trash bag. While taking out the trash Chef Pee Pee notices a lottery ticket.

When he goes inside Bowser makes more messes so Chef Pee Pee can't go on break. After cleaning the dishes, Bowser drops a muffin bag and Chef Pee Pee throws it away. After working Chef Pee Pee turns on the news to see if he won the lottery. He finds out that he has won $237,000,000 and is so excited, that he calls Bowser, Junior and Toad to the kitchen.

He announces to them that he has won the lottery, and tells everyone "F*CK YOU!!!". He starts ranting about what Bowser, Junior and Toad do to him. After ranting, Bowser tells him that the lottery ticket he found is 2 months expired and is enraged that Chef Pee Pee said these things to him and the others. Bowser punishes Chef Pee Pee by telling him that he will work 3 years without pay and 4 years overtime. Chef Pee Pee starts crying saying that he's dumb; Jackie Chu comes in and tells him he IS dumb, making him more upset.



  • This is the second time Chef Pee Pee mentioned the time Toad stabbed him in the eye in Bowser's Cookies. The first time was in Bowser Junior's Homework.
  • The music that plays when Chef Pee Pee thought he had won the lottery is Serenade No. 13 "A Little Night Music" K525, 1st Movement (Mozart).
  • A scene from this episode was reused as a flashback in Bowser Junior's Lottery Ticket!.

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