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Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 4 is the 105th video of SML Movies and the 4th part of Chef Pee Pee Quits!


Chef Pee Pee runs out of the bathroom complaining about how disgusting Shrek's crap was in the toilet, as he strips off his shirt. Mario told him he could possibly get a job at "Goodman Enterprises". Chef Pee Pee agrees to get a job there instead of being a plumber. He takes off his overalls and throws it on the floor, he slams the door as he leaves. When he arrives at Goodman Enterprises Goodman asks Chef Pee Pee a few questions about his uniform and past job experiences. Goodman asks Chef Pee Pee if he has the "balls" to work at Goodman Enterprises, and demands him to show his testes.

After a lot of yelling, Pee Pee finally flashes him despite the fact that Goodman was talking metaphorically but still gets the hired with the jobs depth collector and salesman. Chef Pee Pee practices how he's going to handle his job with Goodman and then heads into his office. Screwball gives Pee Pee the password to his computer and offers him meth. Pee Pee denies the offer but gets interrupted by a phone call. Screwball wets himself which results into Pee Pee vomiting under his desk and gets his first customer. Chef Pee Pee calls his first customer Margaret and notifies her that she owes him $500. Margaret tries to change the subject, but Pee Pee ends up hanging up on her. Pee Pee calls his next customer, Bittermen Carlos and explains that he owes him $750. Carlos pretends to deny that he is not Bittermen and tries to fool Pee Pee and hangs up on him. Pee Pee goes on a water break and runs into Screwball who says breaks are good, but then notice that there is a "no breaks" sign and flee back to their offices. Pee Pee gets caught by Goodman, who makes Pee Pee follow him to a copy machine where he orders 5,000 copies of his buttocks by his desk by 2:00. There is a groan whining from Pee Pee as he begins to make copies.

Afterwards, Pee Pee calls his next customer Tyrone and explains that he owes him $900 and asks if he can establish a date for the payment. Tyrone attempts to act dumb and explains that he doesn't have the money and that the real Tyrone is sleeping and won't wake up. Pee Pee hangs up in frustration and gets called into Goodman's office. Goodman tells Pee Pee that he f*cked him up and starts explaining on how he is ruining his company from moving forward shortly before firing him. Meanwhile, Bowser and Junior start arguing over who gets the last piece of food in the house: a Gogurt. Bowser comes up with a bet that whoever survives getting hit by a car will get the Gogurt. Junior volunteers to go first, only to get run over. Bowser eats the Gogurt, enjoying the satisfaction of his success, completely unaware of his son.


This episode has received mixed reviews from fans. Many fans did not like the way Goodman was rubbing his desk and they found this weird and uncomfortable. Others criticized the firing of Chef Pee Pee for no reason as well as Goodman's behavior towards Chef Pee Pee. Many also criticized Screwball's role as well and Bowser running his own son over by a car as well. However, people did praise the calls for being funny. SML Reviewer gave it a C rating and Dabhdude gave it a 3.5/5 for color yellow range rating.



  • Goodman fires Chef Pee Pee for no apparent reason.
  • This is the first time Bowser Junior gets run over by a car. He survived however and reformed himself.
  • The panels when Chef Pee Pee talks to the people is like in the 2003 Hulk movie.


  • At 13:43 into the video, the swear word is uncensored
  • Goodman did not seem to recognise Chef Pee Pee. However, they met in Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 2 & 3.

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