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Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 6 is the sixth installment of the Chef Pee Pee Quits! series.


Chef Pee Pee is still looking for a job after Freddy Fazbear's pizza burns down!


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  • The SML Question is the same used in Toad is Cool.
  • This is the first time Chef Pee Pee sings a full song.
  • This is NOT the last episode of the Chef Pee Pee Quits! series because Logan confirmed there will be a Part 7
  • This video has been released almost a year after the first Chef Pee Pee Quits! installment.
  • This is the penultimate (second to last) episode of the Chef Pee Pee quits series.
  • This is the fourth time a building burns down. The first time was in Bowser's Thanksgiving, the second time was in Bowser's House Fire! and the third time was in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 5.
    • It is also the first time a building burns down in which Junior wasn't the cause of the fire.
  • The microphone used in the video was a Blue Bottle Mic.
    • Kushowa also said in his react video that he had the same one, except it being red.