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It was us your Cornyness!

Cody Calvin Nutkiss (or simply Cody) is a gay, perverted Magikoopa who is a friend of Bowser Junior and Joseph. He first appeared in the Bowser Junior's Summer School series, but he has since became a main character since then. He is the only character introduced in the Summer School series to appear outside of the series. He is mostly known for his weird personality, but sometimes is very smart. He is usually seen with Ken, his boyfriend who is a doll.


Cody is portrayed as a stereotypical nerd who has a bunch of medical disorders, though it has never been specified exactly what they are. He has type one diabetes and takes pills to manage his blood sugar. Cody is really smart. His medical disorders are the reason why he's gay and homosexual and it makes him can't help date and rape dolls. But Cody hates doing bad things like raping real people. Cody is not a Pedophile. He has an IQ of 169. He only came to summer school not because he failed, but because he wants to learn more. But he uses his gifted intelligence to mostly pick up guys. Unlike Junior and Joseph, Cody has common sense and is the smartest of them, but they don't listen to him and just make fun of him, no matter how right Cody may be. Nowadays, he's become the voice of reason and him being gay is used on occasion.

After the Summer School series, he is usually seen with a Ken doll sitting on his shoulders. He is also highly perverted as he constantly talks about hunky dudes and makes out his Ken doll. He started a lemonade stand so he could get a penis enlargement and photoshop pictures of hunky men and put his face on them. He also "thinks" his doll is real and often says perverted things to Junior, Toad and Joseph and drew a picture of himself as a hunky fireman with a boner in his pants. He is also seven months older than Junior and Joseph.

Aside from being intelligent, Cody is also highly perverted. He constantly references sexual matters and in Bowser Junior's Package!, Cody even posts a status update on his Facebook with "cum" (really bubbles) on his mouth and on Ken's genitals. He makes sexual remarks during games or whenever Joseph and Junior are around.

And he's also highly short-tempered, usually when Junior states that the sun is a planet and other dumb mischiefs he always does.

Cody has said things such as saying his sister is good to smash and that he thought he was gonna see some tits in women's basketball and other things similar in Summer School, So there is a slight possibility he is bisexual but probably more gay if so.

Junior and Joseph have tried to remove Cody's hat at some times but there always seems to be another one under it.

Likes and Dislikes


  • His Ken doll
  • Being gay
  • Huging with his Ken doll
  • Hunky dudes
  • His mom
  • Halloween candy
  • Cheez its
  • Hanging out with Bowser Junior and Joseph
  • Games
  • Doofy the Dragon
  • Slumber parties
  • Doing magic
  • Big Hero 6
  • Correcting Junior and Joseph
  • Persuading Junior not to do bad things and giving warnings
  • Science
  • Education
  • Schools
  • Eating caterpillars
  • Microwaving butterflies
  • Being Weird (Possibly)
  • Being Huging
  • Corn Dogs
  • Molesting dudes
  • Sex
  • Happy Pony 4
  • Butt-Sex
  • Raping Male-Genders
  • Dicks
  • Male-Butts
  • Licking Whip-Cream from Ken's Nipplets
  • Underwear
  • Porn-Mixtapes
  • Say "Uhhh" while having sex
  • Sex with Dudes
  • Bowser's Nose
  • Bowser's Lungs
  • Bowser's Tounge
  • Bowser's Ears
  • Dominion


  • Hearing excuses about Bowser Junior is only a small kid when he thinks the sun is a planet
  • Sloths
  • Killer Clowns
  • People acting stupid
  • Losing and breaking his Ken doll
  • People making fun of his mom
  • Bowser Junior performing the Savage Dance
  • Girls
  • Not being in Mario games
  • Black Yoshi's Kool- Aid stand


Without glasses

When Cody doesn't wear glasses every once in a while, his eyes are revealed, and the are uneven. The larger eye has worse vision than the smaller one. How Logan made the Cody without Eyes plush by cutting the eyes of off a Mario Fuzzy plush and took the glasses off of Cody and then they sewed the eyes on Cody.


When struck by special lightning, Cody got the ability to transform into any object or person.

Magician Cody

When Cody wore a magician outfit, he had the ability to perform magic tricks    

Choking plush

In Bowser Junior's Curse!, there is a Cody plush that has his mouth open. This was so that Cody could "choke" on things.


Bowser Junior

They usually get along good but Junior can be cruel to Cody often, mainly because of Junior's pride and the fact Junior is the leader. Cody is also annoyed of how stupid Junior is (such as thinking the Sun is a planet or the Earth is flat), but no matter how right Cody is about things, Junior just treats Cody like dirt. In a few recent SML videos, it is implied that Cody may have sexual feelings towards Junior.


Joseph and Cody only are friends because of Junior, but they do get along well. Sometimes they argue, especially when the "Sun is a planet" comes up. Joseph also calls him gay and weird. Joseph also gets annoyed with Cody for Ken because he doesn't like the fact that he is a doll.


Cody is pretty much the only character who gets along with Toad very well, although in Cool Cody!, Toad didn't invite Cody to his party because he is weird.


Wartortle was Cody's first Pokemon. As a Squirtle, he was never in his pokeball due to being claustrophobic. Wartortle likes Cody because he helped lift up Snorlax and caught his Bellsprout and Butterfree. He evolved after catching Butterfree. They also kissed once.


Ken is Cody's boyfriend. Cody thinks he is real, but he is just a doll. Cody's friends make fun of Ken. However, he does know he is just a doll, as revealed in Cody's Sleepover.


Chadwick was Cody's second doll because theone set on the beach wanted to make terrible decisions with Cody, the tuxedo one wanted to treat Cody good, and Chadwick wanted to have sex with Cody, and Cody was using Chadwick as a "3rd" so they and Ken could have their threeways. He was never seen after his debut, and it is unknown if Cody still has him or not.


Bellsprout was Cody's first caught Pokemon and as such should have a good relationship with it.


In Pokemon Part 2, Joseph killed the first Butterfree. Cody wanted a Butterfree which probably means Cody has a good relationship with Butterfree.


Cody in Superpowers! turned into Chef Pee-Pee then raped Bowser and enjoyed it, in 1 2 Switch Bodies! He switched bodies with Chef Pee-Pee then had sex with Bowser.



  • Cody can apparently be gay whenever he wants (even though he acts gay most of the time). In The Elevator!, he said to Junior that he is "too pissed off to be gay."
    • In Bowser Junior's Painting, he was excited to watch women's basketball.
    • It also shows that he is not biologically gay and he could be bisexual.
  • He is the second LGBT character in the SML series. The first being Tony the Gay Bird and the third is Kirby.
  • Recently, Cody now is the voice of reason of Junior's friends and him being gay for comedic effect has been somewhat downplayed.
  • Even though he seems to be one of the smart SML Characters, he has been shown to be idiotic at some points:
    • He believes that Ken is actually alive and cries when Ken dies or breaks up with him.
      • In Forsaken, he thinks that Ken prefers Junior or Joseph because Ken falls into them.
    • He thought that women's basketball would be sexual.
    • He stated blue stars don't exist when they actually do.
    • He looked at a piece of paper to check what to do in Bowser Junior's Game Night and cried when he lost, thinking he killed the patient.
    • He stated that they do nothing in Don't Wake Daddy in Game Night 4 and when Jeffy hammered daddy, he said that's how you win.
    • In No Crust, he believes Junior that Chef Pee Pee murdered the sandwich and disagreed with the cops about not arresting Chef Pee Pee along with Junior and Joseph.
    • While he does say that dinosaurs are extinct in Bowser Junior Goes to Disney World! Part 2, he says that dragons aren't, even though they don't exist.
  • In Bowser Junior's Game Night, he was able to solve a Rubik's Cube, but Junior and Joseph lied that they were not impressed at all.
  • In Season 6, Cody's voice sounds similar to Mr. Burns from The Simpsons and resembles that of Mr. Crocker from The Fairly Odd Parents, but up until in Season 7, his voice changes and sounds more like Corey Feldman.
  • In Bowser Junior's Summer School 3, it is revealed that he has many medical disorders as he brings in many pill bottles.
  • Despite being weird and thinking his Ken doll is real, he has more common sense usually than Bowser Junior and Joseph. He's also the oldest of the three, being born on February 29, 2008, while Junior was born in September 2008 and Joseph being born in October 2008.
  • Cody is the only character who debuted in Bowser Junior's Summer School that is still in the show.
  • Throughout each video he's in, there are times where he shows off being gay as a comedic effect, although he shows his straight side three times:
    • He got an erection while watching Toad's video that was brought in for show and tell.
    • He didn't show any attraction towards Paulina like his love struck friends.
    • He says Jackie Chu can take him after making rather odd statements about the test.
    • He claims that he and Ken are in love when he wanted to bring him into Chuck E. Cheese.
    • The majority of the episodes he's in, he brings Ken with him.
    • In the episodes where his friends come to his house, he is seen doing rather obscene things to Ken.
    • In Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 3, he claims to have a boyfriend and is disgusted when he received a compliment from a girl.
    • In Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 4, he draws a picture of himself as a muscular firefighter, hoping to attract more male firefighters.
    • In Switching Bodies!, he gets turned on by looking at Hulk's abs.
    • In Pokemon Part 4 he does made out with Squirtle who is a boy.
    • In Bowser Junior's Broccoli Problem!, he says he likes men instead of broccoli.
    • In Cody's Happy Hanukkah!, he pours whipped topping on a naked Ken and is about to lick it off but then his dad interrupts him.
    • In Bowser Junior's Lemonade Stand!, he pours pink lemonade on a shirtless Ken hoping it would attract costumers, but it failed unfortunately.
    • In Bowser Junior's Go-Kart Race, his doll "Ken" won the race for Cody.
    • In The Ouija Board!, they ask if Cody is gay and it goes on yes.
    • In Cody's Sister!, when Bowser Junior asks to play Spin the Bottle, Cody wants to when he says that he could kiss Joseph. He also enjoys kissing Bowser Junior 3 times.
    • In Bowser Junior's Clown Car, Cody, without hesitation, got on to Joseph's back and, before taking action, said "can do" in a very "turned on" tone.
    • In Bowser Junior's Game Night 3, he asks if Jeffy wears a sexy, sleeveless tux, and even tries to convince Junior and Joseph that they can't live without Ken, saying he is "the hunky glue holding them together."
    • In Bowser Junior's Painting!, he wants to see boobs on women's basketball.
    • In Cody's Sister!, he wanted to kiss Joseph & Junior, but he also liked his sister.
  • Cody's real father isn't known. It's not known if he's dead, or if he abandoned Cody, or if he lives outside of Florida, although it's possible Cody's dad lives in Wisconsin with Katy, since Cody stated Katy lives in Wisconsin implying Cody's parents were divorced.
  • He owns a Wartortle, Bellsprout, and Butterfree.
  • He is afraid of sloths, as revealed in Bowser Junior Sneaks Out!,
  • In some episodes, he breaks the fourth wall.
  • In Cody The Magician, he killed Joseph while doing a magic trick to saw him in half.
  • Cody's birthday is on February 29, 2008 making him born on a leap year.
    • He is also the only character to have been born on a leap day.
    • Cody said he is 2 but was only joking, but, Junior and Joseph called him "2 year old".
  • Even though Cody is gay, there are some episodes where Cody is incestuous:
    • In Bowser Junior's Sleepover, he tells Junior and Joseph that his mom makes him sleep in the bed with her and breastfeeds him still.
    • In Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 4, he says "On the lips Mom!" when Judy Calvin kisses him on the cheek, Judy and Cody kiss each other on the lips.
    • In Cody's Sister!, he says that his twin sister Katy is "totally bang-able and has a rocking bod!", he wouldn't let Joseph and Junior hit on her.
    • Believe it or not, Joseph may have managed to outdo Cody in terms of creepiness as of Joseph's House, as Joseph's house has gone into horrid disrepair, and both his parents are dead, and Joseph acts like it's all normal, while Cody has a normal home and living parents. Granted, it can be assumed Joseph has gone partially insane due to his horrid living condition, while Cody is (more or less) sane.
    • Cody's favorite subjects in school are science, math, and history.
  • Cody's sexual orientation can be questioned throughout the coarse of the series. While being shown as a homosexual most of the time, he is shown as a heterosexual in some episodes, notably Bowser Junior's Summer School 3 in which he is implied to have gotten an erection from watching Toad's music video. Using this information, it can be assumed that Cody is bisexual and not fully gay.
  • He is a brony according to Bowser Junior Sneaks Into A Movie!.
  • Cody's voice could be a reference of Clam from Camp Lazlo.
  • Cody's new voice could also be a reference to Roz from Monsters Inc.


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