Cody's Birthday! is the 188th video of SML Movies.


Cody's Birthday is February 29, which only happens on a leap year! Junior and Joseph throw Cody a birthday party to celebrate him being 2 years old!


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Cody's Birthday was brutally panned by SML fans alike. Bowser Junior and Joseph being cruel and harsh to Cody was heavily criticized, and Cody's parents treating him the same way only made matters worse. The fact that he was given this treatment on his birthday increased the hatred for this video. ZeCadaver considered this to be one of the worst episodes of 2016 so far (giving the episode a D- rating) because it's very annoying, they treated Cody in a very mean spirited way, and all of the jokes were unfunny. IggytheKoopa gave the video 1 out of 5 due to the phone call gag, Bowser and the foosball, the episode is not funny, too much screaming, found the ending to be unsatisfying, terrible Cody torture, and terrible consequences. Yoshi Player gave the video a 1 out of 10, and declared it the worst SML video of all time, even worse than The Drone. He criticized Bowser Junior and Joseph being cruel to Cody, the constant yelling, Cody being pushed around for no reason, filler, and poor editing. Cleverix hated the video giving it a 0.5 out of 10 saying it's the worst SML video in history. In a collaboration SML Reviewer did with R.A.D vids, they both said that this video had nothing going for it and was irritating. They also both said they enjoyed the red ring scene, making the episode be less bad in their eyes. SML Reviewer gave it a D- while R.A.D vids gave it a 37%. Even though they did not like the episode, they felt it got way too much hate and probably isn't top 10 worst worthy.

Reviewer Rating
ZeCadaver D-
IggytheKoopa 1/5
Yoshi Player 1/10
Cleverix 0.5/10
SML Reviewer D-
R.A.D vids 37%

Many fans considered this to be one of the worst Cody videos that Logan ever made, in fact, some declared this to be the worst SML video of all time, taking The Drone's spot. However, Cody haters and Nick Samon (EthanChap) liked this video. However, people now think that Jeffy's Bad Word is worse than this.


  • This is the first episode in a long time to bring back Bowser's angry and cruel personality since Bowser Junior's Punishment!.
  • This is the first ever SML Movie to be on leap day, 2nd SuperMarioLogan video to be uploaded on Leap Day since The Death of Black Yoshi was the first.
  • This furtherly expands Junior and Jospeh being terrible friends to Cody.
  • It is revealed that Tyrone has grown a mustache.
  • This is the second video that has an error clip.
  • It is revealed that Cody is 8 years old, though since he was born on a Leap Day, he is 2 years old in the eyes of his friends.
  • Bowser says that he is a pro and champion at hockey but he is shown to be playing foosball or football as the tourists call it. This could be part of a joke on how stupid Bowser can be.
  • Many fans have said that the video would've recieved better reviews if the episode was part of the "Playtime" series, then maybe Cody would appreciate it if he was treated like a baby during House, not on a birthday.
  • Joseph and Junior never received any consequences at the end, which was one of the reasons why the video was hated.
  • It is Reveled that Cody is a Pisces.
  • This is the first video to get uploaded on February 29th.


  • At the 4:15 mark, Logan says hang on, and go. Also the clip where Cody rushes to Bowser Junior's house repeats. This was later fixed. See Cody's Birthday! (Original) for more.
  • During the scene where Tyrone says Happy Birthday to Cody, the word "nigga" is uncensored.

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