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Cody's Birthday! is the 188th video of SML Movies.


Cody's Birthday is February 29, which only happens on a leap year! Junior and Joseph throw Cody a birthday party to celebrate him being 2 years old!


The episode starts out with Bowser and Bowser Junior playing a round of foosball, while they have a little fight while playing competitively. Bowser stating that he was a pro at hockey. Still in the game, Bowser assumed Junior is cheating, but he is just laying by the rules. Then Bowser becomes victorious and Junior lost the round of Foosball against his father. Bowser then shows bad sportsmanship by calling himself "A damn Champion" and starts showing off how much of a champion he is. While showing off, he switches the subject to yelling at Junior for no exact reason, telling him to eat ball sack, should have been aborted, and calling him a loser.

As the Camera pans, Cody and Joseph spectating the foosball round. Cody and Joseph now begin saying that Juniors Dad scares them. Junior then makes fun of Bowser after he exits the room, calling him by a mean, big butt face, with anger problems. Junior then wants another round of foosball. Cody and Joseph are about to argue, but Junior breaks it up by saying who's ever the oldest gets to go against Junior. Joseph say's his birth month is on October, then Cody say's his is on February. Cody then say's today is his birthday, which is on February 29th.

Joseph and Junior then wish him a happy birthday, but with unpleasant words. Then Junior asks him why shouldn't he celebrate it with his family, Cody replied saying he doesn't feel like it. Cody then revises his statement by saying he turns 2 years old because of Leap Year. After hearing this, Junior and Joseph now begin calling Cody a baby due to his age being a small number. As Junior and Joseph continue to insult Cody, it upsets Cody and begins to leave.

Now that Cody has left, Junior goes go playing foosball with Joseph. All of a sudden Bowser shows up and confiscates the foosball table. After Bowser takes away the Foosball table, Junior still insults his father. Since Junior and Joseph still think about Cody's birthday being today, they plan to throw him a 2nd birthday party and treat him like a baby on his birthday.

Junior calls Cody and as Cody picks up saying, "Hello" Junior lightens, saying "Hello" was his first word. Cody asks for something from Junior, which Junior begins lying to him saying how sorry he felt, and that him and Joseph are playing naked tag. After about a second from trying to say something about Joseph getting out of the shower (Which is another lie as well) Cody arrives at the apartment completely out of breath. Cody immediately came after hearing the word "naked" during the phone call.

Junior then suggests for Cody to wear a blindfold. Cody agrees and hoping to see some nudity after when the blindfold is taken off. Junior saying there will be nudity (another lie), instead it is a 2 year old birthday party planned for Cody. The party has cake, presents, balloons, decorations, and a Happy Birthday Banner. The Cake also has the number 2 candle standing on top of the cake.

As Cody begins removing the blindfold, Junior and Joseph say "Happy 2nd Birthday you big fat baby!" and begins taunting Cody even more with meaning laughter and cheap baby crying. Cody thinks this was an expensive joke, but Junior thinks Cody is trying to say something (Still believing Cody being as a baby).

Joseph attempts to offer Cody a pacifier, Cody smacks it out of his hand, now Joseph begins feeding Cody baby food, which Cody kicks the spoon out of Josephs hand. Then Joseph tries to give Cody a baby bottle full of milk, Cody looks away, then smacks it away out of Josephs hands. Junior thinks Cody wants to blow out the birthday candle, but Cody still doesn't want any of what is there. Junior still thinking Cody as a 2 year old, Junior doesn't know what Cody's trying to say, then attempts to let Cody have practice by using, "Mommy" "Daddy" and, "Cake".

As Joseph finishes lighting the candle, they sing Happy Birthday to Cody, but ends shortly and teaches Cody to blow out the candle. As Cody give in, he immediately blows the flame on the candle out. Junior, still insulting him, saying what does Cody Wish for, Cody says he doesn't want anything, and Junior says he wish he could talk. Then Cody gets a little angry and saying he hates Junior and Joseph for this joke their pulling on Cody, leading Junior thinking Cody's throwing a fit. Cody getting a little more mad, Junior and Joseph try to relax him with presents.

Junior, still tutoring Cody as they keep thinking Cody is a baby, Junior says to Cody that he has to rip open the presents with his hands. As Cody begins to open the presents, the first present holds Pampers diapers.

Now on the second present, but Junior, still lying to Cody saying the present is from Aunt Jeanine, who died from Kidney Failure as Junior states randomly. Cody becomes confused asking, "Who the hell is Aunt Jeanine?"

Cody now goes back to opening the present, which holds the toy for kids who want to learn their animals. As Junior and Joseph is going through the toy with Cody, and shows how it works. Junior points to the Chick, quizzing Cody as they are still acting as Cody is a 2 year old, Cody answers that the Chick goes, "Tweet Tweet". Junior and Joseph support Cody saying he got it right. Now Junior gives Cody what would the Kitty say, however Cody now refuses.

Now the third present, as Junior shakes it, to make it easier on to guess what it inside the present just for Cody to answer, Joseph randomly answers, "it might be a basketball". With Cody confused, he opens it and is a set of rattles. Junior and Joseph still joking about this, by saying Cody likes to make big noises and cry.

Now for the fourth and last present, which are a set of baby/toddler toys for Cody. Junior guides Cody with the sets of toys, and calls the stacking toy, "Bull###" because the red ring isn't completely red. Junior then becomes angry all about the red ring being half red, half transparent hard plastic.

As they begin opening the Toy set, Joseph begins getting a piece of cake, but Cody doesn't want any cake. Junior says that Cody can't have any cake until Code puts on a diaper. Cody refuses to wear a diaper, but out of no where, Junior thinks Cody's crying because he gets no cake and orders Joseph to get the pacifier. Junior then wants Cody to play on the "Piano", but then Cody corrects Junior hat it is a xylophone instead of a piano. Junior then wants Cody to lay Mary had a little lamb on the xylophone, but since Cody doesn't want to do it, he let Junior play it. Junior plays all of the notes correctly.

Now Junior wants Cody to play with shapes. Junior grabs a star shape and attempts inserting it inside the X shape. It doesn't accurately fit, so Junior does change it to the star shape hole, but didn't even try, lying saying it wouldn't fit either.

Junior now gets says what shape the star shape is shaped as. Cody goes in Juniors alternative trick, saying it's a star. Now being asked what shape is the Sun, Cody answers round. Junior continues this, questing on Cody what shape is the Earth, Cody answers round. Now Junior gives the question what is the Earth, answer being a planet, and planets are round, and so the sun is the planet. As Junior is right about the sun with the sun not being shaped as a star (10 lines), it still doesn't make the sun a planet.

Cody can now no longer take shenanigans from Junior and Joseph, Cody begins leaving the situation. As Cody reaches the door, his parents Tyrone and Judy, wishing Cody a 2nd birthday. Cody complains that when his real birthday occurs, when Cody's 4 years old, his age is 1, and when he his 8 years old, his age is 2. Cody then leaves and goes home with his parents to continue celebrating his birthday.



  • This is one of the few videos where Junior loses against his father in a game.
  • This is the first ever SML Movie to be on leap day, 2nd SuperMarioLogan video to be uploaded on Leap Day since The Death of Black Yoshi was the first.
  • This furtherly expands Junior and Jospeh being terrible friends to Cody.
  • It is revealed that Tyrone has grown a mustache.
  • This is the second video that has an error clip.
  • It is revealed that Cody is 8 years old, though since he was born on a Leap Day, he is 2 years old in the eyes of his friends.
  • Bowser says that he is a pro and champion at hockey but he is shown to be playing foosball or football as the tourists call it. This could be part of a joke on how stupid Bowser can be.
  • Many fans have said that the video would've recieved better reviews if the episode was part of the "Playtime" series, then maybe Cody would appreciate it if he was treated like a baby during House, not on a birthday.
  • Joseph and Junior never received any consequences at the end, which was one of the reasons why the video was hated.
  • It is Reveled that Cody is a Pisces.
  • This is the first video to get uploaded on February 29th.


  • In the beginning of the video, Bowser states that, "I was a pro at Hockey." their playing Foosball, not Air Hockey.
  • As Junior and Joseph started making fun of Cody when they think Cody is 2 years old, one scene is where Junior calls Cody, when Cody answers the phone saying, "Hello" Junior begins saying hello was his first word. This could have been a mistake because Cody way trying to tell Junior and Joseph that he was actually 8 years old, or Junior wanted to make more fun of Cody while in a conversation with him.
  • At the 4:15 mark, Logan says hang on, and go. Also the clip where Cody rushes to Bowser Junior's house repeats. This was later fixed. See Cody's Birthday! (Original) for more.
  • During the scene where Tyrone says Happy Birthday to Cody, the word "nigga" is uncensored.


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