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Cody's Happy Hanukkah! is the 168th video of SML Movies.


Cody invites Junior over to his house for Hanukkah! But Cody's parents have no idea what to actually do on Hanukkah.


Joseph and Bowser Junior are playing billiards when Cody invites Bowser Junior over to his house for Hanukkah! But he Declines but Cody tells Junior that they will be 12 presents , Junior wants 12 presents so he agrees but Joseph refuses and leaves. That night Junior knocks on the door and sees Tyrone Calvin who thought he was either a girl scout, A member for The Salvation Army or a Member For Toyz 4 Tots and shuts the door in his face and Tells His pet dog to Shut up . But Junior really wants the 12 Presents so he knocks again This Time Junior corrects Tyrone so The He lets Junior in And Tyrone does. In the house he notices a pinata of A Cheeseburger. Judy tells him that that's the Nazi Cheeseburger, and that every Hanukkah we beat it with a bat and call it mean names. She then tells Junior to hit the the nazi cheeseburger . He makes it Falls To floor. Judy then tells Junior To see Her Jewish Cake. Cody is in His bed-room Pouring whipped topping all over a naked Ken and is about to lick it off but his father Interrupts Him and tells him off. Cody can't think of an excuse so he tells his Dad he has a Problem and tells Ken To get dressed Because Junior's here. Judy Then Shows Junior her cake that has Pennies on it. Then She shows him Jewdolph The red Nosed jewish reindeer and Sings a song about him that Goes Like This.

Cody's Father Brings the "manure" (menorah) and Slams It on top of the cake. Then Judy tell Junior every Hanukkah they blow out the candles on the "manure" (menorah) Like Birthday Candles on the 9th Day For Hanukkah Which Judy Tells Junior That Hanukkah is the 2nd birthday for Jewish Jesus. Junior Wonders where his 12 Presents are , but Judy tells him they'll get to that later while Tyrone lights the "manure" {menorah}. Cody tells Junior His Parents aren't really Jews And Tells Him that this is not real Hanukkah, then brings his picture of his face photoshopped on a Hunky Man 's Body in his underwear While written With "Happy Hunkykah" , Junior Asks Cody If there was any PhotoShop Involved, Cody says "no". Judy Brings the "kosher" (its Bacon Which is not kosher) , while Tyrone tells His Wife that he loves bacon while Cody (while Carrying naked Ken on His shoulders) tells His mom Bacon isn't kosher. Tyrone tells Everyone Its time to blow out the candles on the menorah, Cody corrects his dad telling that 1: There are not 12 candles on a menorah there are 9 and 2: You Don't blow out the candles, but his dad ignores him while Junior asks him If there are nine Candles how do you get 12 presents , Tyrone Makes Up a Bizarre Math equation and starts to prey to Jewish Jesus.

Junior blows out the candles and tells Cody's parents he wished for 12 presents. Tyrone says his 12 presents are in the nazi cheeseburger and that Junior has to smash the nazi cheeseburger open with Sha-bat to get the 12 presents. Jr succeeds and sees his 12 presents, which are just a bunch of golf balls. Junior asks why his presents are golf balls and Judy says it's because you can never trust a nazi cheeseburger. After this, Junior and the whole family watch a "Chabot" fight, which was also a fake Jewish activity. There is a red robot, which stands for the Nazis, and the blue one was the Jewish. As they were fighting, the blue robot's head was suddenly knocked off, causing the whole Hanukkah celebration to be cancelled. Junior asks why to Cody and says that the nazi Chabot has never won so now Cody's parents don't know what to do so they think Hanukkah's cancelled. Realizing, Junior has wasted almost all his time in Cody's house due to all the weird and Non-Jewish traditions he had to deal with. This causes him to ban himself from Cody's house in disappointment for not getting his 12 presents and wasting his time.



  • This is the third video to show Cody's house.
  • This is the first Hanukkah holiday special video.
  • This Video Reveals That Cody's Mom Is A Christian.
  • Most of the "Hunkykah" activities were payback for the Holocaust in WWII, which sent over 3,000,000 Jews to Concentration Camps and/or murdered them. They also renamed Rudolph "Jewdolph", had a dollar bill shaped cake, with the menorah (Pronounced manure) in the middle and even ate pork even though it's not kosher.
  • In late-2017, this video got aged-restricted for unknown reasons.


  • Junior wouldn’t know that 9x2 would be 18 because he was in first grade.