Cody's Revenge! is the 192th episode of SML Movies.


Cody blackmails Junior!


Bowser Junior is sleeping until he woke up by his dad, only to tell him that he needs to pack his bags because he is going to military school. Brooklyn T Guy comes in the room and tells Junior that he is going to feel REAL pain. Junior wonders what is going on and Bowserr tells him that he is sick of Junior’s behaviour because he has been destroying everything in the house, including the table.

The Brooklyn T. Guy calls Bowser out. He said that Bowser did not send his son to military school all because it is his dead cat's birthday that he killed. Bowser sends Brooklyn T. Guy away and tells Junior that if he haves fun, make noise or hear one complaint about him, he'll beat him up and send him to military school. Junior is upset because he can't play with his toys then Chef Pee Pee comes in and starts taunting him by playing with his toys.



  • Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! is revealed to be coming out soon.
  • Bowser Junior still mentions the events from Bowser Junior's Clown Car!
  • When Bowser Junior and Cody watch Big Hero 6, the ending theme is not actual one used in the movie. This is probably to avoid copyright issues.
  • This video reveals that Junior hates Big Hero 6, but Cody loves it.
  • Logan says he hated Big Hero 6 which was mentioned in his Puppet Closet video which might explain why Junior hates it.
  • This video was uploaded on the Ides of March.
  • The "Sun is a Planet" argument was brought up again, but this time, Cody brings it up.
  • Cody never realized something with the recording. He can record Junior complain that the sun is a planet and not a star, upload it to the internet and people can see how dumb Junior is.
  • Bowser Junior says that Big Hero 6 (November 7, 2014) is the worst animated Disney movie, since Cars 2 (June 24, 2011), 3 years since.
  • This video marks the first and only appearance of Mittens, due to her being killed at the end of this video (although she was already dead).
  • Bowser Junior Gets Sick! might be a sequel.


  • Bowser said he killed Mittens by 'backing out the driveway'. However, this is presumably wrong as Bowser does not have his driver's license.


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