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Cody's Sleepover is the 110th video from SML Movies and the sequel to Bowser Junior's Sleepover.


Cody invites Junior and Joseph to have a sleepover at his house! And it gets weird!


The episode starts with Junior getting a call from Cody who wants Joseph and him over for a slumber party. Bowser Junior accept his requests and asks Chef Pee Pee to take him there. Chef Pee Pee takes him and Joseph to Cody's house but speeds away when he sees Judith, who previously tried to rape him.

Junior and Joseph go in and wait for Cody. Cody comes out of the bathroom and suggests the three of them watch "Hot, Moist, n' Hunky". Junior and Joseph are obviously grossed out by it and Joseph puts on Attack of the Killing  Machine. The three eventually get bored and decide to play with the Ouija Board until Craig tells them they shouldn't play around with it.

Judith then brings the boys upstairs for bed and sings a lullabye, which Junior and Joseph unsurprisingly hate. Judy checks for monsters and somehow doesn't see Toy Bonnie under the bed and Chica lurking in the shadows in the closet. Junior wakes up, and hears a noise in the closet. Chica is there and screams at him. The episode ends with Thomas screaming at the camera.



This episode received many negative reviews from fans. A lot of people criticized the episode for being "filler" and many others criticized the bad use of FNAF characters. Dabhdude ranked the video as #5 to his top ten WORST SML videos of 2015 list.

The episode is also one of Sml Reviewer's most hated, who claimed that the episode was very boring, slow, the lack of storyline, as well as the "Hot, Moist, n' Hunky" sequence being way too disgusting for his tastes.

Dafawfulizer regarded this episode as bad not necessarily because of the episode itself, but because of the misleading thumbnail, as he ranked this #18 on his "Top 20 Worst SuperMarioLogan Videos (Round 2)" list.


  • This video won a contest on SML's facebook to choose between this video and Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack!, while this video received 70% of the votes out of 30%.
  • Despite Chica from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 appearing on the thumbnail, the video instead shows Chica from the first game.
  • Chica screaming is ripped from the scream used in Scary Maze Game. Additionally, it's possible that Thomas's jumpscare uses this one, but reversed.
  • This episode has Chef Pee Pee saying that Judith tried to rape him once, which was a callback to Cody's House.

Cultural References

  • The line, "He's not a doll! He's an action figure!" is a direct quote from the film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001), possibly being a direct reference.


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