Cody The Magician! is the 222nd video of SML Movies.


Cody has some cool magic tricks to show Junior and Joseph!


SteinbeckstaringatJunior WHAT IS IT?!

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The video starts off with Bowser Junior opening the door to see Cody and Joseph. But only Joseph is here. Joseph told Bowser Junior that usually Cody shows up next to him, and it's weird when he's not next to him. Bowser Junior lets him in anyway. Junior calls Joseph a dweeb but Joseph says that they both have shells but Junior intercepts the conversation saying that he had spikes on his shell. Later, Joseph says that Cody "spawns" next to him and Junior changes the subject saying that he found "candy" in hid dad's bathroom. A few moments later, Bowser Junior and Joseph heard a knock on the door. They thought it was Cody, and it is. Only he's wearing magician clothes and hat, and some cards. Junior and Joseph completely ignore his costume and he walks in. Junior then asks why he was so late and Cody responds by saying that he had to get ready. Junior and Joseph both get confused and Cody tries to point out his costume but Junior quickly asks if he wanted candy. Cody agrees and they walk to the pills. Cody then says that it isn't candy but medicine. Cody says if they ate too much, that they would die. Junior says that he ate 5 of them and says that his stomach hurt. Cody says they he shouldn't have done it but Junior then says that he ran out of things to do at his house but Cody says that he does. Junior and Joseph were completely clueless and Cody said to look at him but they still didn't get it. Joseph asks if he had a booger in his nose and Junior asks if it was his glasses. Cody still says no and says that he is a magician. Junior asks if he fixed lights. Cody swiftly points out that is what electricians do.



  • This is Goomba's first appearance since The Perfect Plan!.
  • Cody being a Magician is clearly a reference to him being a Magikoopa.
  • This is the first time Cody uses his wand.
  • This episode reveals that Cody could get away with murders.
  • This is the first time Joseph dies but comes back in the same episode.
  • Running Gag: Cody saying "MIND FREAK" throughout the video.
  • This is the sequence of magic tricks done by Cody:
    • Card Guessing
    • Card in the Butt
    • Eat and Repairing an Oreo
    • Escaping from a Water Tank
    • Sawing in Half Trick
    • Cloth out of the Sleeve
    • "Teleportation"
    • Reviving Joseph
  • This episode may be non-canon because the ending is in the apartment, and Joseph is still in videos through the next year.
  • Cody saying "MIND FREAK" is possibly a reference to the TV show "Mindfreak" starring magician Criss Angel.


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