This Article is about the boxer. You may be looking for his son, see D-Money Junior.

Demetrius, also known as D-Money, is a professional boxer who appeared in Rosalina's Ex-Boyfriend!. He is the father of D-Money Junior.


  • "Whats up hoe?" (In Texting)
  • "53 AND O!"
  • "54 AND O MAN!"
  • "My name D-Money Man, it stands for Dat-Money man! 'Cause all I get is dat money!"
  • "I gave the black eye to myself"
  • "I get a hundred million every night!"


  • D-Money's full name is Demetrius since that's D-Money Junior's real name.
  • These are the characters who speak funny, the first being Jeffy.
  • D-Money may be based on either Muhammed Ali or Mike Tyson.


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