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Twitter: @dabhdude
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Genre: SML Reviews, Plush Videos
First Episode: SBD Update
Date Joined: Jan 23, 2012
Subscribers: 4,000+
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Top 10 worst SML characters part 2 (5-1) (feat. Dafawfulizer)

Dabhdude (refered to as Dongledude and Dab Dude by Logan), is a Youtuber and SML fan who creates a variety of content on his channel. He is often personalized as a blue Yoshi with a big head.


His YouTube reviews aren't just comments, as they extend to long reviews on his channel. These reviews can be as long as the SML videos themselves, or even longer. He also makes tips videos. Dabhdude was the first person to coin the term "Chef Pee Pee Torture Porn." Many people who are new to his reviews believe that when he says this that he is referring to actual porn, which confuses and upsets newcomers. The true definition, according to him, is roughly as follows: Chef Pee Pee torture porn is a term derived from Squidward torture porn, where instead of the writers (in this case SML) creating REAL videos, they lazily insert a bunch of this where Chef Pee Pee is tortured under no fault of his own (examples including Chef Pee Pee getting stabbed in the eye when trying to make cookies with Toad or getting in trouble for not taking Jr. to McDonalds, just to name a few examples.) Dabhdude also claims that everyone pronounces his name wrong. Most people pronounce it as dab-h-dude, while he pronounces it da (like slang for the) bh (his initials) dude (as in guy). He serves as a main source of background/behind the scenes info on SuperMarioLogan. Dabhdude is friends with SML Reviewer (mostly called Rev), Flamey Cat, SuperMarioCipher, Cleverix, SuperJoshuaBros1, and Yoshi Player. Dabhdude makes plush videos, reviews of SML's material, and some Let's Plays. He also hosted an SML YouTube Poop collab which can be viewed here. One of his plush series, titled "Mario and Luigi's Stupid Adventures" seems to be similar to SML's Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, even down to the title. Dabhdude admits to the fact that originally he was copying SML, by the end of HIS first season, he decided to change the course of his series, only keeping a few of the characters in their original "copied" form and keeping the title so as not to confuse people who WERE watching his videos. The characters who remained copied were as follows:

  • Tiny-Yoshi — Black Yoshi (both use an, allbeit fake, gun and say "folk" a lot)
  • Fake Luigi — Mama Luigi (both are stupid and fake copies of the real Luigi)

Ranks on Reviews

On SML Reviews, dab gives a 0/5 to 5/5 range rating. He uses the grade school rating with A-F but if a video is very good he gives it an S rank. He also uses a color range rating as well.

Channel suspension

On August 12, 2016, Dabhdude's channel got suspended due to copyright issues. He posted videos to his Dabhdude Commentates channel. His channel is now back.



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