Days of School Series




December 17, 2016 - present


Logan Thirtyacre


Logan Thirtyacre
Lance Thirtyacre


Logan Thirtyacre
Lance Thirtyacre
Lovell Stanton


Logan Thirtyacre
Lance Thirtyacre
Lovell Stanton
Chris Netherton
Elaina Keyes
Anthony Miller

Screen format, language

16:9 HD, English



Preceded by

Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! (February 19, 2016 - July 2, 2016)

Succeeded by


Related series

Bowser Junior's Summer School
Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!
Bowser Junior Goes To Military School!

Days of School Series is an SML Movie series which was announced on Logan Thirtyacre's Instagram on December 10, 2016. It's the fourth school series following the Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! series.

The series is unique, in that, usually, episodes seem to occur more within the actual lives of the characters instead of them just going to school, as in school is part of their daily lives.


When Bowser Junior is done with first grade early in the Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! series, as a result of the school being burnt down after Bowser Junior sets the paper on fire. Now with Cody, Joseph, Toad, Jeffy as his best buds, they then venture to the second grade with Jackie Chu. How will things be in second grade?







  • The name "Days of School" is not an official name from Logan, but the SML Wikia gave it the name to distinguish the series. Logan simply called it a year round school series. This name was created by wiki user Psyduckdude, and called it that because he thought the name of the following videos would be "( Insert Number of episode) Day of School", example: Second Day of School! etc. So, this wiki just stuck with it
  • A typical second grade school year is 9 months, so the series might end in August, while in the real world at that time, people would be getting ready to go back to school.
  • This is the first school series in the new house, skipping the apartment. This is also another major crossover in the SML universe.
  • Toadette is played by Elaina rather than Logan, who played her in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!, and Chris, who played her in Bowser Junior's Summer School.
  • This series is never censored.
  • This is the first time that the multi-purpose room is used, in which it is mainly supposed to be for the school series now, and possibly every other future school series.
  • The school is located in the same main house that where the characters live. It's a bit strange that Junior's room is down the hall from the classroom.
  • In the class room each student gets stars for being good and each student has their own colour
    • Junior = Red
    • Cody = Blue
    • Joseph = Green
    • Toad = Orange
    • Jeffy = Amber
    • Toadette = Pink
    • Atso = Yellow
    • Patrick = Purple
    • Bully Bill = Black
    • Britnee is the only student who doesn't have a colour on her star chart (because she was new)

List of videos in the series

No. of episode Name Air date
Episode 1 First Day Of School! December 17, 2016
Today is Bowser Junior and Jeffy's first day of school!
Episode 2 Substitute Teacher! January 5, 2017
Jackie Chu is sick so there is a substitute teacher!
Episode 3 The Love Potion! (Valentine's Day Special) February 14, 2017
Junior thinks the new girl in school is HOT! Cody makes a love potion to make her fall in love with Junior!
Episode 4 The Baby Project! April 9, 2017
In class Junior and Jeffy are given a baby they have to take care of for a full 24 hours! Will they pass the grade?

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