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Dr. Fredrick Finkleshitz is a minor character in SuperMarioLogan. He is a retarded German scientist who performed a malfunction on an alien that crashed its UFO in Roswell, New Mexico. He believes that people from Mexico are from space. He was later killed by the alien. His country of origin is Germany.

He later re-appears in Bowser Junior's Piggy Bank! on a TV report when the news freaks out about Bowser's piggy bank turned into a real pig and Finkleshitz digs out the pig's heart and says that it couldn't be a piggy bank.

He appears in Mistaken and rants about the moon landing being fake.

He then appears in Loch Ness Monster! where he believes he gave birth to Nessie. It is revealed here that he may be a pedophile, as he says that he is not allowed to be within fifty feet of children, and is also seen humping a support beam.

In Attack Of The Killer Shrimp!, when attempting to create a serum that would poison the whole world's water supply to terrorize the world, Finkleshitz accidentally drops a shrimp into a beaker filled with a greenish liquid when he begins to eat shrimp as a celebration, resulting in it turning into a killer shrimp and attacking Finkleshitz.

He again reappears in Bigfoot! to prove that Bigfoot is real by going to the woods with a banana suit. He then got beaten and killed by Bigfoot.

In Cody The Vampire!, he tells about vampires what they do and says that to be careful that there is a vampire sitting right next to a person.


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