Elaina Keyes is a female SML voice actress who is best known for providing the voice of Rosalina and playing characters that are updated versions of past SML characters. As of June 2016, she voices six SML characters. Her voice debut was in American Idol: Episode 1 in October 2015, where she portayed Rosalina, and her first major role in a video was in Mario's New Girlfriend, also portraying Rosalina.

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Character Roles


  • Elaina first joined the SML crew after she found a flyer about it at her university.
  • She was going to do phycology but she dropped that and started acting instead
  • Mario's New Girlfriend was actually her audition video, Logan liked it so much it was uploaded. Also Daisy was supposed to appear but was removed due to time restrictions.
  • She was fired after "Jeffy Gets Potty Trained" because she acted inappropiately off-camera, but was rehired for future videos.
  • She likes Jeffy's Bad Word and was upset when the fans hated it.
  • Her favourite character that she doesn't play is Goodman.
  • She really wants to make a video called Finding Luma, in a parody of Finding Nemo.
  • She has a cat who she found as a stray and took him in.


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