Evil Bowser is the 71st video of SML Movies.


Bowser loses all his evil. So he contacts the DEVIL!


Like almost any other episode featuring Bowser, the episode starts off with Bowser watching Charleyyy and Friends. After watching, Bowser doesn't know what to do today, as Charleyyy and Friends doesn't come back on in 2 hours. Bowser then decides to do something evil, but his evil talent last time was considered "nasty." He checks the mirror to see if he looks scary enough to be evil. After looking in the mirror, Bowser thinks he is losing his evil, but there is still hope: Getting an opinion. So he asks Chef Pee Pee if he is ever considered evil anymore. Chef Pee Pee's opinion about Bowser's evil was annoying rather than evil. Suddenly, Bowser roars poorly at Chef Pee Pee, but he still disapproves his evil. So Bowser attempts to prove his evil by stealing Mario's Coke but is still considered not evil.

Bowser then goes for another evil attempt by beating up Bowser Junior with a belt for no reason, and his opinion is "mean and scary," at last. Bowser is proud for what he have done, but quickly changes and Bowser thinks has lost his evilness. Bowser then gets an idea: Summon the devil. So, Bowser brings in 3 cinnamon apple scented candles, a piece of paper with evil stuff written on it, and a stick figure representation of the devil. Bowser then attempts to evil devil chant but fails. After a few failed attempts, the Devil (Craig) finally shows up in Bowser's room. Bowser then has a conservation about his life, like how Craig hates people praying to Jesus a lot. An interesting fact to know is that the candles are the only things that brought him here, as he loves cinnamon apple.

So Craig teaches Bowser to be evil. One act was leaving the water running to flood the house, but Bowser changed that by saying that this is his own house. Craig then teaches Bowser another evil act and brings Bowser to an upside-down cup filled with water on the kitchen counter. Craig points out that anybody cannot move the cup without getting water everywhere. So, Bowser forces Chef Pee Pee to move the cup. Chef Pee Pee denies, but once Bowser finally gets Chef Pee Pee to move the cup, the water spills all over the table, so now he has to clean it up with a towel. The plan worked. Craig has one more evil act for Bowser, and that is telling a black person that his child support is due when it really isn't. Craig experiments with the act, but the black person beats up Craig for calling him black.

Craig, wearing an ice pack on the side of his head, says that they're no more evil acts for Bowser, as he needs to help his sibling for the next concert in hell. Junior suddenly pops up, accusing Bowser for beating him up lately for no reason. As Craig tells Junior to worship the devil, Junior leaves the room, as ordered by Bowser. Before Craig leaves, he gives Bowser a gift: Thumbtacks. Craig then points out that Bowser can use the thumbtacks for more evil acts because they are pointy on one side and flat on the other, and they are so small that someone might choke on them, step on them, etc. Bowser then thanks Craig for the thumbtacks and the day that he learned evil stuff from him. Craig then leaves, and Bowser happily takes the thumbtacks.

Later that day, Bowser finally proves his evilness to Chef Pee Pee by placing a thumbtack in his bologna sandwich.



  • This video marks the first appearance of Craig The Devil.
  • At 6:34, Bowser sings the song "I Love You" from the American children's television series Barney and Friends. He did this again on Bowser Junior's Clown Car.
  • This video reveals that Bowser can sometimes be extremely cruel to Junior as he beats him with the belt for no apparent reason.
  • Bowser lies To Mario by saying "I'm voiced by a black guy!"


  • When Craig says "Do you see that black man over there checking his mail?" and when Bowser responds to what Craig said, Tyrone is lip-syncing what Bowser said.